Your Money or your Life?

(I just found this post in my drafts from a year ago but seems fitting with recent posts, bit rambly so sorry about that but here it is……..)

Every day we have to make decisions about how to invest our lives and which commodities to use.

“Where your treasure is, your heart will be also”

If we are in the minority world that is privileged enough to look after our duties each day and still have spare resources we have to decide where to invest them.

Some invest mainly into their wardrobes, some into their bellies and some to the bettering of others lives.

But before we chose where to invest our surplus we have to choose which commodity is more valuable to keep in storage to give away.

As I see it there are 3 options

– Love Time

– Occupational Time

– Money

By love time I mean time spent with people to value them and invest purely in the relationship regardless of any wider impact or what you have to give or gain. Valuing people as Human BEINGS, For me this would be my family, my Godson, my housemates and close friends and others in my community that might need some love time.

By occupational time I mean contributing the thing that you are good at. For me this would be spending time doing stuff that is obviously work but I don’t get paid for it like looking through someones accounts, startup idea, speaking at a school or building something for someone Free of Charge, I call this putting value on Human DOINGS.

By Money I mean cold hard earned cash 🙂

I don’t know the answer to this and It is probably a silly idea in Hindsight to try to separate them out as they are not mutually exclusive, however I do know that the less functional of a reason that we maintain a relationship the deeper and purer it seems to be.

CONCLUSION : There is value in us as beings, there is also value in the ‘doing’ skills we have, and obvious value in the money we are stewarding.  The challenge it seems is in the balance.






Since I was 18 I have been diligently making monthly video diaries and started filming them from my Mac when I was 21.

2 days ago I realised stupid ‘Time Machine’ just overrides the oldest stuff on your harddisk if it is full rather than alerting you that it is full!

NIGHTMARE! 3 years of music and diary lost!

It really threw me, I felt like I had a part of me stolen by technology (or more reasonably by my technological incompetence.)

Anyway, it got me thinking about living in the moment.

In the US a couple of weeks ago my dear friend and great photographer  Steve Booker was snapping away at the Grand Canyon and after about the 50th snap I just said “Steve; put the camera down mate, suck it up for a minute.” He looked at me, Smiled and agreed.

I don’t think we will look back and regret not taking the 50th photo but we may regret not quite taking as deep a breathe as we could have done……

When our children were singing their first song to us,

When the sky went all pink and orange and purple, in that unrealistic way it sometimes does,

When someone looked us in the eye and said that they loved us for the first time.

Or when are parents were in their final days of life.

People often ask me how I manage to juggle so many different things in my head and appear not to get stressed out and I always say the same which is that I try not to think about the past or the future when I am with people but attempt to give myself fully to the moment that I am with them.

This might sound a little Poncy or superspiritual to you but I think it is simple.

Do well with what is in front of you in this moment; to the best of your ability.

What is infront of you is often a person.

That person will always be better off if they get the WHOLE of you for that moment than if they get a distracted shell of you.


SUMMARY : Living fully in the moment, aiming to love for a few minutes at a time is the only safe way to live.

ACCOUNTABILITY: If I don’t act this way with you, please pull me up on it, I think its flipping important.