David Erasmus
David Erasmus

David was born in Johannesburg and then raised in Surrey by alongside his three siblings.

At 18 David finished his state education and left with a conviction that he could achieve more in 3 years in the business world than he could by going to University.

After 6 months, he set up his first business; broadplace.com. After growing the business for 2 and a half years, managing £5million of Ad spend anually and employing 20 staff locally and abroad, he sold Broadplace to pursue more socially minded endeavours.

After 2 years of travelling the world working on short projects, meeting global leaders asking them and himself the question… “What needs to be done?”  He began moving his work forward on the premise that creating better educational solutions and entrepreneurial opportunities for employment is the most important work he could help with.

Following this revelation, he co-founded clickego.com, a Cape Town based and majority owned online marketing business, created to inspire entrepreneurial activity amongst young Cape Tonian’s and inspiring employment opportunities in the local area. He has also assisted in taking NoPC to India.

More locally, in the UK, after meetings with the centre for social justice, David and a team identified the same needs found in Africa, on our doorstep, amongst the gang culture in London. Working alongside Regenerate he created Mustard a Social Enterprise taking young people in Gangs and street culture and helping them start a community based service business. This ran successfully for the year of 2010

David is also a founding member of the Ambassadors for Philanthropy, a Government initiative orchestrated by the cabinet office under Dame Stephanie Shirley, the Governments Ambassador for Philanthropy.

He has lectured at many universities on the topics of trust, startup, and good business that benefits others. These include Imperial College London, UCL, Kings College London students and speaking for SIFE and Imperial Entrepreneurs.

David is a frequent Speaker at conferences, speaking at DIBI, Launch48, AIME, PPA among many others. He has contributed to the FT, Sunday Telegraph, Big Issue, Mashable, Techcrunch and many others on the topics of Social Enterprise and the Mobile & Social paradigm shift.

In September 2009, David established a business start up incubator, called Cubate.com. Cubate specialises in developing mobile & social projects both products, solutions and client work. Cubate is developing products to disrupt both the Third and commercial sectors.

Cubate’s first journey into the third sector was in building GetGiving , an iPhone App which was rejected by Apple despite the Minister for Civil Society going to meet with Apple to discuss the issue.

David and team went about tackling the problem again and Givey was born.   Givey  lets you make realtime social donations to Charities, letting you give whenever, however you want to over 20,000 causes.

David believes the future of technology and innovation lies with mobile & Social and is excited to watch this pioneering platform rapidly grow, whilst also investing in projects which really add value and positively benefit society.

In May 2011 Givey was officially launched alongside David Cameron at the Launch of the Governments Giving White Paper.

In July 2011 David accepted a role sitting on a committee at UCL university helping shape the design of a new degree focused around practical problem solving and entrepreneurship in every sector of society.

In August 2011 David accepted a Special advisory role with Lord Wei of Shoreditch (Formerly David Camerons council on ‘The Big Society’) advising him on solving social problems through Technology.

See the Projects page for more details on David’s businesses.