What’s that smell?


Smells are strong and trigger all sorts of memories.

Whether it is the smell of the roast in the oven, the smell of baking cakes filling the house or that dirty smell of sheep poo when you enter Wales and the most immature person in the car points at someone else and says ” ARHH Did you fart!”

When you catch a good smell of something you don’t know much. You might not know what it is, where it is, how much of it there is, who owns it, whether you can have it or whether it actually will taste or look good but you damn well know you want to find out more!

Sometimes in life we get a whiff of something and we instinctively know it smells good or bad but we can’t necessarily qualify or quantify it.

What can you smell?

The Truth shall set you free

Everyone knows we are meant to tell the truth.

The interesting question though is how much truth should we tell?

Should you tell your partner that their butt did look big in those new jeans?

If it helpful to point out every flaw in that new song your friend has written when he asks for your opinion?

I think a good question to ask is are you saying for them or for you?

All I know is that when honest conversations happen more often than not its awkward and painful but afterward you achieve new levels of intimacy.

Personally,I also love someone knowing everything about me, good and bad as that way they can make an informed decision.

If they still choose me after knowing everything whether business, client, family or friend I know I have been truly chosen and its a very satisfying feeling, if they don’t choose me it hurts but at least I didn’t hurt them by blagging my way into their lives.

I am reading an Interesting book called Radical Honesty, take a look on YouTube at Brad Blanton being interviewed.

Tell me your thoughts……

The Secret Millionaire

Secret MillionaireI thought you guys might find my response amusing, For the record I think RDF are great and I am looking into doing work with them in the future………

On 14 Apr 2010, at 16:47, ******************  wrote:

Dear David,

Having read about you and your success with www.cubate.com and your other business ventures, I am contacting you to see if the television series I am working on might be of interest to you. I am approaching potential benefactors to take part in the award-winning Channel 4 series, The Secret Millionaire. Given your passion for philanthropy and business, I think you would make a wonderful mentor for struggling charities and social enterprises. We are keen to feature more successful young entrepreneurs in the series and I think you would fit the profile perfectly. I watched a short interview with you on www.ambassadorforphilanthropy.com and was struck by how engaging and charismatic you are – I’m sure you would come across really well on television.
If this is something that interests to you, I would welcome the opportunity to speak to you about your potential involvement as a benefactor for the series. We could discuss the possibility of you doing a programme either individually or with someone you know, such as a business associate, partner or relative.

We have received extremely positive feedback from the benefactors who took part in previous episodes and this is reflected in the attached testimonials of their experiences. In case you aren’t familiar with the series, here is a short explanation:

Channel 4’s The Secret Millionaire is the award-winning and BAFTA nominated documentary series – in each episode a different benefactor is given the opportunity to live ‘undercover’ in some of the country’s most deprived areas. They do not reveal their full identity and immerse themselves in the community for 8 days; meeting the local residents, making new friends, taking on jobs or doing voluntary work – all with a view to deciding who they believe is most in need of their support. At the end of their visit, these modern day philanthropists reveal their true identities to those they ’d like to help and offer their time, their skills and their financial assistance (Channel 4 stipulates a minimum donation of £40,000) to help make a positive change to people’s circumstances. This programme offers philanthropists a rare opportunity to actually meet the people that directly benefit from their assistance.  It also allows our benefactors to highlight and explore specific social issues that may be close to their heart.

This project would require 8 consecutive days out of ones schedule.  I have attached an information sheet about the programme, along with some press quotes and testimonials from benefactors who have previously taken part. Here also is a link to the series where you can get a little taste of what we’re doing: http://www.channel4.com/programmes/the-secret-millionaire/4od

Thank you for your time and consideration. Please find further information attached, I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind Regards,

************* | Assistant Producer | Secret Millionaire
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tel. +44 207 *********| fax. +44 207 *********
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From: David Erasmus [mailto:era@me.com]
Sent: 15 April 2010 12:09
To: *************
Subject: Re: Channel 4 series


Thanks very much for the email.

I know Ben Way and Paul Wills really well and I know they massively enjoyed their time on the show it seems like a great opportunity.

There are 2 hang ups….

1. I am not a millionaire.
2. I don’t think I would be comfortable with the deception element of the show.

I love telling stories and advocating for those in the margins so If there was an opportunity to do that I would be all over it like a bad rash! 🙂

I could put up some cash but it would need to be enterprising and attempting to be sustainable and probably wouldn’t be as much as £40K

Let me know your thoughts.