The Truth shall set you free

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Everyone knows we are meant to tell the truth.

The interesting question though is how much truth should we tell?

Should you tell your partner that their butt did look big in those new jeans?

If it helpful to point out every flaw in that new song your friend has written when he asks for your opinion?

I think a good question to ask is are you saying for them or for you?

All I know is that when honest conversations happen more often than not its awkward and painful but afterward you achieve new levels of intimacy.

Personally,I also love someone knowing everything about me, good and bad as that way they can make an informed decision.

If they still choose me after knowing everything whether business, client, family or friend I know I have been truly chosen and its a very satisfying feeling, if they don’t choose me it hurts but at least I didn’t hurt them by blagging my way into their lives.

I am reading an Interesting book called Radical Honesty, take a look on YouTube at Brad Blanton being interviewed.

Tell me your thoughts……