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Friends & Family,

I’ve been away….

I haven’t been able to articulate easily what I am doing, as for the first time I haven’t had clear goals,

I’ve started from scratch.

I tried to let go of all ideas of identity, responsibility, habits, frameworks, morals and beliefs.

I travelled the world and absorbed a lot.

I am now interested in trying to see things as clearly as I can for what they really are.

I am in a process of building up a set of beliefs and habits I can believe in and it  is taking time!

From this new beginning I have been enquiring into the nature of intelligence as a framework for life.

I have also been working on finding more space to think and reflect outside the man made systems

This week I have managed to move a reclaimed Shepherds Hut into a 25 acre wood near Brighton

I am daunted, apprehensive and scared of being lonely & losing comforts,

I have committed to it until the leaves turn yellow next year.

I don’t know If I will stay full time or part time, if it is a home or a workspace.

Please come and visit me, bring your presence & open minds and let’s see what happens.

1 day a week I am making a video for income  -> Thursdays @ 9pm GMT on

The place is called Corcovado after the most biologically diverse canopy on the planet

Givey is well & the CEO Neil is passionate about ‘Serving Small Charities’ I am excited to help where I can!

I hope through this change I can contribute more fully and share more deeply.

Thanks for reading, I look forward to seeing you soon hopefully!