Clas Ohlson – Accidental Theft!

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Clas Ohlson

This is the letter I wrote to them this morning, lets see what they say……..

Dear Clas Ohlson,

I went to your store for the first time the other day……Brilliant!

Its like an Ikea Metro thank you for bringing it to Kingston.

I have an apology to make, I came in with my Girlfriend looking for a few bits and bobs for my bedroom which she is helping me do up. I was carrying a BIG bag from Primark I put it down and found 2 silver dimmer switches, Perfect.

I then however accidentally with no spare hands available put the dimmer switches in my Primark bag so I could carry everything ( I stress I did this totally sub-conciously.) We then decided that we would go to TK Maxx to see if we could find cheaper picture frames and if not would come back and purchase the lovely frames from your store, we did not however come back.

That was that but later in the evening thinking about how I was looking forward to putting up my new Clas Ohlson dimmer switches (it’s sad I know) I thought to myself “we didn’t check out at Clas ……..but I am sure I have the simmer switches?” Low and behold when I checked my bag I had in fact accidentally nicked 2 dimmer switches from your store. I found it highly amusing as I think its the first physical good I have stolen since I was 5.

My dilemma continued, knowing that I should bring the switches back to the store but really wanting to put them up!!! I gave in they now look brilliant on my wall and I can set the mood lighting however I please and sometimes change it up and down just because I can. This is my apology for stealing from you.

I like Clas Ohlson and want more of your products that I want to pay for them. Please tell me where I can send the money for the dimmer switches, I would much prefer not to come into the shop again as its quite far for me and petrol is flipping expensive at the moment.

Thanks for reading this.

I look forward to hearing from you as to which bank account I can send the 20 odd pounds.

Thanks again