Creative Outlet

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I am in the middle of a couple of Startups at the moment and before Christmas I was feeling extremely stressed which is unlike me.

What I realised is that I had cut off my creative outlet through working too hard and letting the creative side of my brain die which put EVERYTHING out of kilter. I felt stressed and it was like I was dieing inside.

Through the encouragement of a select couple of friends I picked up my guitar and started expressing myself through music again and amazingly my balance began to be restored. The pressure is still with me but feels in balance as I am living more wholly.

The video below was taken last week courtesy of @SteveBooker.
I do not post it because it good, I post because it is me and that is enough.
(Also please forgive the thumbnail and embarrassing faces I pull)

The Peculiars – Why Can’t I Feel It from Steve Booker Photography on Vimeo.

If you are dieing inside or unbalanced try making the things that enable you to express yourself a priority and see if it changes stuff