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David Erasmus App
As you may well know I am not ashamed to state that I am a bit of a Godinite!

When Seth Godin came out with an App that feeds his Blog and Twitter in I thought I would check out Motherapp who were credited for it as we could make use of their service for our clients.

They were excellent, Very efficient and delivered way above my expectations.

You can download the App here

I am now going to use them my new business Xinspired.com. We are currently in the process of registering into their new partner program.

I believe in focus and niches. Xinspired.com is a Mobile Apps business that specialises in making Mobile – Micro Payment experiences.

This means that when someone comes along and wants a simple App we don’t want to turn them away but similarly we don’t want to divert our attention. Enter Motherapp………

Thank you Motherapp