German Customer Service

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This weekend I found myself lost in the middle of Germany at about midnight, my GPS having a fit, my stomach crying for food and my eyes desperate to be shut after a day of driving, it was a low point.

My friends and I knocked on the door of a German B & B,  I can't remember the last time someone talked about a Germans warm personal skills or welcoming nature so unexpectedly expectations were not high.

We were however greeted my Mikkag a big round German man who invited us in.

Was he typically German ? – harsh, efficient, slightly presumptuous and boring tone?  – YES!

He genuinely welcomed us, bought us his home made Jam from berries he had picked and gave us bags to doggy bag our left over breakfast rolls for later. We genuinely felt valued.

I realised that it was not in spite of the German stereotype that we liked him it was because of it. 

He was true to himself and everything he did he appeared to do in love.  

Maybe we should use what we have got, maybe we should enjoy whatever the stereotype is about us but subvert it with love, passion and laughter? 🙂