Give it away to Get it away!

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That's right, I'm coining it!

I can't find anyone saying it on Google so it must be original. 🙂

One of the biggest reasons start ups fail to reach potential is because the founder won't let go of their baby and they end up squeezing the life out of the thing till it dies, gets overtaken or limps on like a wounded dog.

With our world moving quicker and quicker it becomes harder and harder to get projects away, to see them flourish and hit that Gladwell coined Tipping Point. 

The only way I can see around this in my experience is to give it away.

Find people you like, people who share your vision, people who are going in a similar direction who are different to you and disagree with you and give it away to them.

Break bread with them.

Sink with them.

Swim with them.

Give away authority not just responsibility.

On the rare occasion I have managed to do this effectively my overheads are lower, productivity goes through the roof and the adventure gets into full swing.

Give it away to get it away………. I like it!