Its all about flow

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Every interaction we have should flow naturally.

Every conversation, written or verbal, web based or face to face requires flow.

Every website we visit needs flow to make our experience enjoyable.

A good flow breeds natural trust.

Flow is the natural movement to the next phase of an interaction based on the information presented.

The most natural flows exist where the response is founded on the specific information someone has provided and gives them a result they like without scaring them by going too far


– You Google “buy bourne identity dvd” and the ad displayed shows the relevant ad text and when you click on the ad it uses the information you provided to give you the best result. If it took you to the home page you would be annoyed as it was not the natural flow as you already provided the relevant information.

– You are on a date with someone you find very attractive after dinner you kiss them on the cheek, they kiss you, with this encouragement whip your shirt off in the middle of the restaurant. This would obviously be a FAIL. More importantly it would be a flow fail, if time was taken to commit to the relationship, wait for the right setting, mood and built trust there may be a time where the action would have been appropriate but out of context and without buy in from the other party it is a flow fail.

– If you clicked a button on a website that said “view more info” and the item was added to your basket you may be concerned the shop was either trying to scam you or you weren’t understanding each other.

If people give you information remember it and USE it but do not jump to conclusions they haven’t agreed to yet.