Out of Words

I am always trying to push myself to do the stuff that feels difficult but feels like if could have a unique result.

There is a lot of good stuff we could all be doing, but what is the one thing that only you or only I, could or would do?

Recently I have really enjoyed learning the basics of some non verbal forms of communication and expression. In our ever increasing global world I think non verbal communication (which is the majority of our communication) will become more valuable. I think we can see that even through things like the adoption of the emoji libraries on apple products, which I have been getting educated on recently 🙂

It would not surprise me if a global form of sign language was adopted and taught more widely to supplement the mother tongue rather than english or another verbal second language.  In many circumstances it would unlock more value and create more common ground if we recognised non verbal languages as a valid second language over another regional verbal language. Especially with the proliferation of visual streaming allowing non verbal interactions to happen at a distance.

 I have been learning to dance freely (without a partner, alcohol or comedy 🙂 earning to express through lead guitar and seperately I have been trying some spoken word, and I have always enjoyed a little singing,

I wanted to see if I could find a way to blend these different interests to communicate something of this interest in a more holistic way of communicating things that I find my english language insufficient to describe.

This is not the final product but just the first attempt, I think I look a little like a stalker and its all a bit intense but I wanted to show you my working as I will never get to something special if I am not comfortable just taking the next step, also I may never get to a place where I am happy with the result so I may as well start sharing now!

I think our unique value to offer the world often comes from taking two or three interests or defining features about us and finding a way to weave them together to do something no-one-else would do.

I am finally giving myself permission to create without filtering, and letting my desire to create supersede my desire not to be sniggered at or misunderstood, and therefore just contribute what I can

I would love to know what your threads are and what experiments you doing that are a bit awkward to try and move along to the next step in your journey!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. As an educator, I feel like I non-verbally communicate with my young learners in so many ways. Body language and expression can say so many things, change someone’s day and convey many types of messages. I am on a journey of pushing myself to move past my limits, too. They probably are not really limits anyways, just different avenues to many different destinations. I’m learning just to trust myself and wander along. Best wishes.

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