Youtube Kid

The Youtube generation is in full flow.

This Kid, Pedro (a friends son) has no shortage of knowledge.

He finds out whatever he wants on Youtube. He is 7 years old and has more knowledge than most of us in the Niche area of connecting Xboxs together in a local network.

The Value of information has fallen to zero, anyone can know anything, even a Brazilian kid.

The challenge for teachers and learners as we go forward is how to search for, filter and implement information in a way that creates value.

The challenge for me is to decide whether to keep working or play team slayer on Halo with Pedro.

Responsibility ‘V’ Greed

A question I have  been thinking a lot about recently – today in particular is, Who are you responsible to?

(I mean, truly responsible to not people I know and like but those who I would give anything for.)

Most people I know do not struggle to share what they have or even give the best of what they have to those they love. The challenge comes especially in the western world when what we have is more than those we are responsible to need.

What do we do then? Start listening to the marketing messages inviting us to spend our excess money on their 'very important' products. Its Inevitable, money doesn't stay still for very long and can easily end up consumed in greed and indulgence.

What I am learning is that attempting to stop myself or others being greedy is not the answer!

What is needed is an increase in responsibility, environments that create love and care between individuals so that such excess is no longer available for exploitation by products of indulgence. 

Over the last 2 years I have been enjoying a tricky love affair with Africa which as a result of much pain, failure and tears is deepening all the time. I have begun to notice that the more I allow my affection to grow for the abundant yet raped continent the more my resources begin to turn that way also and less is available for pointless spending

I still consume more that I need but I don't concentrate on that. Instead I choose to focus on where I want to be, what I want to be feel responsible for and feel affections towards. As I move on this journey I hope that the pendulum will continue to swing towards the loving end! 

If you feel you are acting greedy then maybe try finding something or someone worthwhile to fall in love with and be responsible for!

German Customer Service

This weekend I found myself lost in the middle of Germany at about midnight, my GPS having a fit, my stomach crying for food and my eyes desperate to be shut after a day of driving, it was a low point.

My friends and I knocked on the door of a German B & B,  I can't remember the last time someone talked about a Germans warm personal skills or welcoming nature so unexpectedly expectations were not high.

We were however greeted my Mikkag a big round German man who invited us in.

Was he typically German ? – harsh, efficient, slightly presumptuous and boring tone?  – YES!

He genuinely welcomed us, bought us his home made Jam from berries he had picked and gave us bags to doggy bag our left over breakfast rolls for later. We genuinely felt valued.

I realised that it was not in spite of the German stereotype that we liked him it was because of it. 

He was true to himself and everything he did he appeared to do in love.  

Maybe we should use what we have got, maybe we should enjoy whatever the stereotype is about us but subvert it with love, passion and laughter? 🙂

Why blog? Why Typepad?

Good question.

Both mainly due to Seth Godin, I know I am not the first to say it but the guy is good!

My friend pointed out to me recently that Seth's books are pretty much just an accumulation of his posts.
It seems like it must be pretty easy for him when it comes to compiling his thoughts so I thought I would try and do the same to keep my options open in the future for writing etc.

So why typepad?

I only have one blog feeding to my Inbox (Seth's blog), it always works well, I enjoy the layout and I trust the guy that writes it. So I copied him, Typepad must be the best.

Thats the power of Seth's "Trust brand".

This is the first of many, I hope you enjoy them, let me know if you don't why not.