Real Leadership

TechCrunch just released an article by Ben Horowitz on Leadership.

He maintains that there are 3 facets to the best leaders he has seen.

  • The ability to articulate the vision
  • The right kind of ambition
  • The ability to achieve the vision

I am sure we all know plenty of people who only carry 1 or 2 of these attributes and cant get out of the starting blocks.

Seth Godin talks a lot about The Dip. When a business is about to fail is the only point in which you can truly see a leaders relationship equity. Horowitz commends Steve Jobs on his ability to get through these Dips against all odds.

The most exciting leaders I want to follow are ones who’s whole lives revolve around serving a purpose bigger than themselves.

I guess that falls under the right kind of ambition.

2 Replies to “Real Leadership”

  1. Those three points sum it up well. How many people have we met who are lovely, well meaning, but incompetent at the task they’re hoping to succeed at? Or someone whose brilliant at most things they put their hand to, but who you wouldn’t trust with your last rolo because their only motivation in life is to take, take, take.

    Three more things to add to my list of things I’d quite like to have part-way mastered by the time I die.

  2. Yeah Megan its an ever-evolving journey, one we never finish but its good to reflect on which area is our weakest to either improve on or bring others around to fill the gap.

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