The Circle of Life

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A Special Sunday. 

A few Sundays ago I found myself experiencing one of the most special days of my life so far. 

It reminded me intensely of the film the Lion King which I have always loved and felt connected with since I was small, watch the song "The Circle of life" again just to remind yourself before you read on…….

Firstly in the Morning I was asked to read a verse out at Ray Johnny George Gills dedication… Godson!

My Good friends Andy and Jeni Gill have trusted me with the privilege of looking out for Ray for the rest of my days. I was so excited to be an active part of the celebration of new life.

Ray is a wonderful child and I hope that we as a community help him become all he wants to be.  

In the evening I went over to a family of friend's house called the Moore's

They are one of the most exceptional families I know, a family in which all the members live a life for others in wonderful and creative ways! – I could go on for hours about them, maybe another day! 

A few days before this Special Sunday Alan Moore a Pilgrim Giant, Father to the Moores, bedrock for every bit of life that comes out of that family unexpectedly fell down some stairs, hit his bed and died later in hospital. 

I was privileged to be part of about 20 people to go and eat, share cry and celebrate Alan's life with the family just days after his shocking death. 

The families response has been like none I have ever experienced, refusing to be angry or take offense whilst being open about their grief and tears shed for their loss of a rare breed of man with ultimate integrity and perseverance.

Whilst at the Moore's in the evening dear friends Matt and Meg Naylor came and showed me with their brand spanking new born baby, beautiful Evie May. Another new and wonderful life. 

A day Life, Death, Life.


A Son of Alan, one of my closest friends Michael Moore painted the picture to the right and labelled it Dad after Alan died. 

I weeped and weeped in silence when I first saw this painted it is amazing to me. 

If my Son or someone that looks up to me ever paints a picture like this and labels it Dad in reference to me I will feel like the job was done. 

Well done Alan

Why do I tell you all of this? 

On that Special Sunday this feeling of the Circle of Life hit me and I cant shake it.

Life starts, grows and inevitably leaves us.

We must celebrate life in all circumstances, choose appreciate rather than take offense. 

Love is a higher law.

Life is fragile and we can't be sure when it will end so I for one want to live like Alan so that if my turn to complete this circle of worldy life comes tomorrow or in 100 years I am ready, ready in terms of living the life I believe in everyday.