The Gift of Creative Belief

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I cannot tell you the joy I feel when I struggle to utter a murmuring of something new bubbling up inside me, a new risk, pursuit or odd interest and someone actually hears you!

Not blocked by their own preconceived ideas of you, or them, or perceived success or failure but they recognise this seed is in you and regardless of its end it desires to be nurtured
Then once they have recognised this new mini chapter in my book they seek ways to encourage it.

I have been on a journey becoming increasingly fascinated by intelligence and our perception of it, here are 3 examples of those friends who have heard me and are creatively showing that they believe in my journey.

Kate bought me a new notebook with a picture of Einstein on it and a quote on the inside cover

Nat bought be a book from Oxford on intelligence and scribbled a note of support

Carl offered me, a chance to share my thoughts publicly with his audience

All 3 of these dear friends have heard me reaching for a new story and have creatively fed into it, making creative space, inspiring my learning and setting me a goal, sharing in my risk with me.

Nobody manifests alone.

There are very few gifts greater than the gift of creative belief, Thankyou friends, I will aspire to do the same for others