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Earlier today, I was out playing golf with my Dad for Fathers day and I saw a tree, not just any tree but a flipping massive and amazing tree.

I thought, to myself, this tree’s leaves and branches work so beautifully to make this massive natural bell shape of a creation!

As I got closer and inspected it I was surprised by what I saw…

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Inside the tree was not just one massive trunk, but bout 12 completely individual, strong and mature trees, all standing independently from one another!!!

I remain fascinated that these trees have grown in a cluster but complete individuals when looking at their growth and stability from the inside.

Yet from the outside, the result of their growth and the beauty of their leaves and branches to the observer is completely interwoven and inseparable.

These trees could not create this beautiful bell shape alone but they would almost certainly thrive and create a brilliant shape of their own if they grew alone from this community of trees.

There is no sense of Co-dependence  here, just a beautiful sense of interdependence where 1 + 1 = 3, much to mine and my dads delight as we fumbled round the course playing some terrible golf but loving every minute of being together.

I guess reflecting on it now, I think that seeking to spend as much time in environments and relationships of interdependency, seems the most beautiful way to go but requires alot of individual growth and work to get to that place!