Last night I was overwhelmed, this morning I cried in the shower, then I wrote these words.


We need a New Story

Today I am shocked by the cataclysmic change that has occurred during my sleep as I wake in Los Angeles.

I see a country who outside of London is not happy with the way things were.

I see fear from my middle class friends who seemed, like me, quite unaware of those millions that felt differently in different generations and geographies around the country.

And in this narrative vacuum that our decision has created

I can see an opportunity.

An opportunity for a government that will engage those who voted for an unknown adventure.

An opportunity, with a blank canvas to reconsider our global position and relationships.

An opportunity to spring two steps forwards from what may seem like one big rock back.

A space has been created

It will either be filled with isolation, division and hostility

Or it will be filled with the imagination of a new story

A global story.

A new way of relating to the countries of the world,

A new way of inspiring our common wealth & wisdom

A new way of using our tools to create connection

We need mutual deal makers and lots of them

There is plenty of work to be done

We cannot let the rock back be our generations legacy

We must start.

We must imagine a new story


2 Replies to “WE NEED A NEW STORY”

  1. thanks for sharing…imagination and story telling is something we’re good at.

  2. Hi Dave. You don’t know me. I live in wigan near manchester. Wigan is famous for its deprivation and poor quality of life. The people here are ignorant and hateful towards others. They are compassionless towards the homeless, abusive towards the disabled, inciteful against difference. The majority of them voted to leave the EU and with that, many of dreams of travel feel washed away with that vote. I have never really travelled but i am desperate to after 30 years of stagnation in my life. I think it would be amazing if i could take myself and a small group of 3 to 4 people who have never travelled or seen a different culture, to vlog it all, and show them that there is no need for ignorance and hate towards others. The one thing that broadens the mind more than education and books and things and stuff, is travel.

    Good luck

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