I have a weird memory!

Sam who I work with laughed his head off when a week after my birthday I couldn’t remember what I did for it.

It was not through drinking or anything I just couldn’t remember, until someone triggers and off I go. I can then remember every conversation and how everyone was acting. Weird and annoying for me.

Remembering is vital, remembering important stuff is part of what leads us to do great things, its what takes us through the Dip.

Remembering is what helps us carry on when we hate it.

The Israelites were lost for 40 years because they didn’t remember Gods promises.

Remember the promises you made, the things you said you would never do.

Remember the promises you made, the things you said you would always do

Remember the goals you set.

Remember how your heart broke when you were in Kenya seeing kids with no shoes.

Remember your errors so you can avoid going down that path again.

Remember those who got you where you are.

Remember the good things people have said.

I cant remember everything but this is the list I am starting with.

Mashup Mobile Event

Last night I found myself at Ogilvy’s office in Canary Wharf.

Here is my short summary video of the event.

Lots of big dogs talking, the Guardian app guy and the flirtomatic guy were on the panel.

It was pretty interesting but mainly nice to feel affirmed once again in my feelings about the way forward in Mobile.

Apps are insanely fragmented at the moment so unless you have a good reason (Geo stuff, driving purchasing revenues or needing offline content) don’t get caught trying to get the big shiny app when its¬†unnecessary.

@SimonGrice who appears to run the joint is a great guy, I had a lot of fun chatting with him.

GetGiving goes to Paris

A week or two before christmas I was kindly invited by PayPal X to go to Paris with them to give the Social Media and tech community the first look at GetGiving before it goes live in the first quarter of 2010. 

David Erasmus iPhone App

David Erasmus App
As you may well know I am not ashamed to state that I am a bit of a Godinite!

When Seth Godin came out with an App that feeds his Blog and Twitter in I thought I would check out Motherapp who were credited for it as we could make use of their service for our clients.

They were excellent, Very efficient and delivered way above my expectations.

You can download the App here

I am now going to use them my new business We are currently in the process of registering into their new partner program.

I believe in focus and niches. is a Mobile Apps business that specialises in making Mobile – Micro Payment experiences.

This means that when someone comes along and wants a simple App we don’t want to turn them away but similarly we don’t want to divert our attention. Enter Motherapp………

Thank you Motherapp

Its all about Fun.

I was just sent this video by Chris Brogan I really love it, I probably only disagree with point 2 where Picasso says something about all that matters is you, I would tend think that all that matters is how you treat the people in your life. 

It reminded me of a "Thinking Cycle" I created during my first Business

I am convinced that we have to options for operation in life.. 

We can operate out of love, passion, fun or excitement

Or we can operate out of obligation, bondage, rules or fear. 

Many people in the world do not have a choice and that is wrong and something I am committed to see change but whilst I have the choice I want to operate out of FUN as much as possible 

The Circle moves clockwise. 

I believe the best thinking comes from Fun which leads to new ideas, which either fail or succeed but either way – you learn something new which leads to job, life or social satisfaction. 

I took a lot of my inspiration in the early days from the book "How to have kick ass Ideas" a Brainchild of the What IF guys, Buy it on amazon from your Amazon iPhone app and stick it on your coffee table. 

If you have the choice which you probably do, don't settle for anything less than fun!