Hook yourself On.

I have long since known that I am not the most ingenious inventor.

I am not likely to come up with ground breaking technology or invent a life altering service.

I decided long ago that I would “hook myself on” to the biggest best technology companies and pick up their scraps.  See they are so big that they struggle to provide decent customer service to the long tail of small businesses. Convenient as it is my favourite market.

Its a mutually beneficial relationship, they appreciate us and support us and we get all the benefits of their their huge research and development budgets to make sure we are at the front of the game.

I have enjoyed doing this for years with Google in the UK, South Africa and Brazil and now I am really enjoying my working relationships with PayPal and eBay with regards to mobile web innovation.

If the train is already leaving the station then hook yourself ont0 the back.

Don’t reinvent the wheel if there is already a multi-billion pound one in your space.

iPad User Experience

iPad  User Experience

“A Magical and Revolutionary Product at an Unbelievable price.”


Magical NO

Revolutionary YES

Unbelievable price NO


I queued at 6.15AM like a proper Apple Geek to get my iPad on the 28th May 2010, its was a great experience I recommend it, the Apple guys are great at the hype!

I found myself asking another guy in the queue a question I have never asked someone about a computer before “What are you going to use yours for?” It’s so versatile that everyone from a kid to a business big shot to grannies will find a use for it.

Like any revolution the first is always going to be crap compared to its followers but the leap towards a genuinely intuitive interface is incredible and I am submerging myself in it, trying desperately to get rid of my MacBook completely.

Henry Ford played his part in the automobile revolution and he said in 1909……..

Any customer can have a car painted any colour that he wants so long as it is black.

Its  a bit like Apple saying now – You can have as many apps open as you want so long as you just want one.

The iPad is the beginning of something potentially magical but it is a means and not an end in itself.

We are in a paradigm shift from typey & clicky to touchy & voicey. Whilst this is happening there will be friction and compatibility issues.

Tablets are great 2 people devices, sharing 1-2-1 presentations, a game of chess or a couple of people cooking in the Kitchen. Because my work consists mainly of 1-2-1 interactions I am in love!

Most of my issues revolve around multitasking and lack of shortcuts so hopefully with the OS update later in 2010 they will be resolved and I will be rid of my MacBook for the most part.

Now if you will excuse me I have some mincing round the office with my iPad to do.