Over Half Way.

When we set out 4 years ago in my first TEDx talk we were asking the question, ‘How do we get 1 billion people into the habit of giving?’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2n5rn6cIoc If a billion people gave $1 to brave projects risking it all to try and solve our worlds deepest and biggest problems we would be a real force to be reckoned with!

Last month we moved $150,000 in donations from awesome people like you to amazing charities solving real problems and in the next couple of weeks we will have moved more than $1,000,000 in the last 365 days!!!

Our social network helps you make social donations in the moment and share that ‘feel good’ moment with your friends.

Network effects are not linear, The goal is not to grow from $1m to $2m, the leap of development is to go from $1m to $10m

A personal goal for me is to get to $1,000,000,000 of $1-$100 donations processed within 365 days globally for amazing causes

We’re currently running at $1,000,000 per year

The next step is to get to $10,000,000 per year

My goal is to get to $1,000,000,000 per year

Many would argue we are 0.1% of the way and still have 99.9% to do.

I say we are well over half way!

Of the 10 digits I want to see we have already achieved 7 of them!!

I wrote the following blog almost 4 years ago when we launched, this was where we achieved our first 2 digits https://archive.daveerasmus.com/the-most-important-pound

Social Web adoption works unlike any other kind of growth we are conditioned to understand.

I have moved to Palo Alto because I need partners who also believe that that we are over half way and also have the resources and scale to help us sort out the next 3 digits.

Who knows after that, I just take one step at a time. I just wanted to take a moment to be thankful we are over half way!

Do Something.

Do Something.

Last week I saw this meme flying around social media land
from a few people.
And it bloody excites me! So much of advertising is not built on true relational principles of listening, value adding and permission. But perhaps a little ironically this meme flying around Facebook without any kind of leadership or solution is nothing more that a disgruntlement engine.
Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 10.29.00
We require those who sit near the artists that unsettle our apathy to take the baton from them, move forwards and DO something!
It seems Banksy (if he did actually write this) is bothered about our consciousness being cleverly invaded by commercially minded capitalists without our permission – Well what can we do about it?
I see 3 options.
  1. Do Nothing
  2. Spend energy protesting
  3. Create an irresistible option
A lot of people choose Option 1 as it is easy and safe, I read the article below this morning which explains a bit more about that option!


Option 2 just doesn’t fill me with joy, excitement, adventure and pleasure, it feels hard and would fill my days with lots of negative energy
I prefer Option 3 the idea of spending my days trying and failing at option 3
So can we actually do anything about this messed up world of intrusive advertising?
YES – Absolutely!!!
Every year Mary Meeker puts out her awesome summary of Global Trends focusing on proliferation of the
internet and her latest version came out this week! If you get a spare hour check it out! http://www.kpcb.com/internet-trends
The slide that captured my attention more than any other was the Advertising Attention Vs Spend Slide
Our conscious attention is our most precious commodity.
Because what we spend our attention on grows!
Everybody wants a piece of yours!
Marketing opportunities grow and decline where there is a mismatch in supply & demand of attention
In Mary’s slide we can see that we are spending 20% of our media time in our mobiles but currently businesses are only spending 4% of their marketing budget on mobile leaving a 16% and $30bn opportunity in the USA alone.
The print industry has lost our attention but the execs haven’t cottoned on yet, because they are older and like doing what they know and what they won’t get fired for. All the other verticals like TV, Radio and Internet are stable in their commercialisation
A big swing from Print to Mobile is inevitable over the next few years and presents us with an awesome opportunity to reimagine brand engagement with individuals.
I am not interested in challenging the paradigm shift to mobile itself but I am interested in trying to inject a better social contract, better values into this $30BN opportunity that is staring us in the face.
If you get stirred up by banksy’s sense of injustice then I challenge you to build an irresistible brand engagement engine that through its boundaries and constraints forces brands to act with more relational integrity, transparency and mutual value whilst rewarding them with commercial success if they act better all whilst building yourself and your crew a billion $ business
According to “Father of Advertising” David Ogilvy, his contemporary, Howard Gossage, said that “advertising justifies its existence when used in the public interest—it is much too powerful a tool to use solely for commercial purposes.
It can be done – look at these great examples of were marketing can help change our thinking and drive behaviour that is actually better for us http://www.boredpanda.com/powerful-social-advertisements/
This world sucks when good people take option one.
If you don’t pick up this $30bn opportunity someone else absolutely WILL and it will probably SUCK and we will go round this carousel again. Banksy will say more stuff, you will be stirred enough to click ‘share’ again but nothing will change.
Don’t let that happen, don’t hide.
Do something Irresistible.

A Letter to Friends…

Hey guys, for four years now I have been trying to work on creating a giving platform that can make everyday giving accessible for this generation.

I recently made this speech to 2,000 people in Media City.

It is finally time for Givey to come of age and for those who believe in the vision and values of Givey to take their chunk of owning the idea and helping it to move forwards. My team and I have done all we can on our own and thus have opened up a crowd funding round of investment through Crowdcube to open up the opportunity to invest up to anyone who believes in the value of giving in our society.

Here is the Crowd funding video intro

We need to raise a minimum of £500K to stay in business and ideally £1m to really be firing on all cylinders.


1. Invest any amount from £80 upwards.

INVEST HERE : http://www.crowdcube.com/investment/givey-14821

Please note that each Givey share costs £80 . – We want you in on the journey.*

2. Share it with someone who might also be interested in investing. 

3. Sign up at http://givey.com, make a donation to your fav cause and give feedback! 

If you are new to investing then make sure you can afford to lose the amount that you are investing and just ‘self certify’ on Crowd Cube.

If you can only do 1, 2, or 3, that would also be awesome but the only way that this idea will really travel is if people genuinely take a bit of ownership of this idea, not just for themselves but for those around them also, if you can do all three that would be amazing!!! 🙂

I cant tell you how important this is to me and how glad I will be to have you on the journey 🙂

Thanks guys


Crowdcube Closing Letter – Added Monday 21st April 2014


Hey Guys,

This is a message to everyone who has been following our crowdfunding journey to say thank you. I write this on the 19 April, an hour before this experience draws to a close.

There are many things that we planned, hoped for and expected that have not played out as we anticipated. Ranging from not being able to show our existing VC support or accepting investments from the US, to issues around B Shares and minimum investment amounts…just for starters 🙂

However, what we have seen is more that 40 awesome individuals put their money where their mouth is and pledge their support to help drive Givey forwards. From Lord Hastings to Aunt Edna and four starving UCL students clubbing together to get one share and everyone else who jumped in and backed us – every one of these pledges meant the world to us. Your support has been paramount to us carrying on.

Unless a miracle occurs (which is quite possible) and with all reasons aside, we tried our best to raise £500,000, only achieved 10% and look likely to fail against our Crowdcube target. Does this mean Givey is finished?


I’m very glad to say that the crowdcube element is only one part of our wider funding strategy and the offline activity has been going really well. The support from new Angels and our existing investors on this journey has been unprecedented and humbling. All our existing investors are onboard and many more have come out of the woodwork through this tough yet refining process.

We’ll put an update on our Givey blog for all those who wish to follow the onwards journey. Once we have a chance to recount the experience of the last 60 days we’ll be sharing more of our lessons learnt!

Really this note is just say thank you to the supporters, the skeptics, the hardcore forum questioners and those who have simply observed quietly from afar. We appreciate you being a part of Givey’s journey in your own way and hope that we will get to engage with you more in the future.

If you want to get in touch for any reason please contact me directly on dave@givey.com

Thanks again for all your support.

Onwards and Upwards,


Leveraging Authenticity

This. Is. Genius.

We don’t want fake, we want real.

Except we don’t want it to be too real, because real real is boring.

Everything about this ad is totally fake other than the magic ingredient, the one guy, Ian, who is open, expressive, approachable and totally honestly experiencing the absurdity around him!

Additionally letting the viewer into the behind the scenes setup means that we feel we are part of the plan. Bud are not trying to sell us, they are collaborating with us to connect us more deeply with Ian and therefore their brand.

Where brands are winning in our social world is where they leverage our authenticity but create an experience interesting enough that others are willing to trade in their ‘experiencing time’ for ‘vicarious time’, an experience that is real enough to engage with but unattainable enough to be desirable enough to watch and share.

Our authentic emotions are the liquid gold of the social economy.

We have got to be aware of who we lend our emotions, time and energy to.

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Designing Culture



I’m sitting, tapping this out on my iFanboy device on the steps of the apple store in NYC

The apple store is a unique experience and there is so much that could be said about it,  however what struck me the most about this store has nothing to do with the devices or customer service…it is the culture the design of the entrance creates.

The designer has subtly and brilliantly made those unable to use the stairs the freaking bosses!

No grotty side entrance with an ugly disabled sign above it making those using it feel second rate humans, just amazing elegant design that brings old people and physically challenged down on a chariot fit for kings.

I was envious of the disabled entrance!!!

Apple could not write a message of words that reads ‘ we are inclusive! We love old people and those in wheelchairs’ but here they subtly demonstrate it with elegance and class

This is pure genius, as most companies struggle to comply with minimum requirements for accessibility someone in the NYC / apple fold has looked at it in a completely different way!

For all the hype and hysteria, gluttonous and discontenting consumption habits the world’s number one brand invites in me and in lots of you, I have to say this was a brilliant creative and inclusive design choice

I don’t know who did this, whether it was an explicit apple choice or a covert subversive move but I like it and I am inspired so thank you. 🙂