Designing Culture

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I’m sitting, tapping this out on my iFanboy device on the steps of the apple store in NYC

The apple store is a unique experience and there is so much that could be said about it,  however what struck me the most about this store has nothing to do with the devices or customer service…it is the culture the design of the entrance creates.

The designer has subtly and brilliantly made those unable to use the stairs the freaking bosses!

No grotty side entrance with an ugly disabled sign above it making those using it feel second rate humans, just amazing elegant design that brings old people and physically challenged down on a chariot fit for kings.

I was envious of the disabled entrance!!!

Apple could not write a message of words that reads ‘ we are inclusive! We love old people and those in wheelchairs’ but here they subtly demonstrate it with elegance and class

This is pure genius, as most companies struggle to comply with minimum requirements for accessibility someone in the NYC / apple fold has looked at it in a completely different way!

For all the hype and hysteria, gluttonous and discontenting consumption habits the world’s number one brand invites in me and in lots of you, I have to say this was a brilliant creative and inclusive design choice

I don’t know who did this, whether it was an explicit apple choice or a covert subversive move but I like it and I am inspired so thank you. 🙂