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Brandom Acts of Kindness

I just found a note I made on my phone about 6 months ago after having a lovely dinner with Adil Mendhro and his family!

I am making a bet that the holistic ROI on a well executed Random Act of Kindness from a Brand is greater pound for pound than almost any other customer interaction.

Furthermore if a system is built around the checkout or desired action experience that creates an anticipation from the user then this effect will be multiplied.

In a world where we are all empowered with digital, social voices and when the established media channels are sourcing their content from the crowd, the route to earned media is in personal PR. Brands earning authentic voice from individuals.

A system based on ‘Brandomness’ taps into our well established thoughts on random game reward irrationality, the neuro-chemical consequences of gift giving, the value of timing, priming and consciousness as well as connecting to our passions and what we care most about.

Adding these ingredients together and wrapping them up in a personal brand experience is, for my money, the most powerful thing a brand can do to invest in its future.

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I can’t prove it yet!! But making the bet is the fun part!

Ill check back in once I have demonstrated it.

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After finally writing this blog this morning I have come home to see this video which has received 15,000,000 views in 3 days! by an airline I had never heard of but now love! It is only anecdotal and doesn’t capitalise on individual, social voices but certainly captures the value of timing, giving and wrapped a up brand experience to gain earned media!

 Enjoy it and Happy Christmas!!!