Leveraging Authenticity

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This. Is. Genius.

We don’t want fake, we want real.

Except we don’t want it to be too real, because real real is boring.

Everything about this ad is totally fake other than the magic ingredient, the one guy, Ian, who is open, expressive, approachable and totally honestly experiencing the absurdity around him!

Additionally letting the viewer into the behind the scenes setup means that we feel we are part of the plan. Bud are not trying to sell us, they are collaborating with us to connect us more deeply with Ian and therefore their brand.

Where brands are winning in our social world is where they leverage our authenticity but create an experience interesting enough that others are willing to trade in their ‘experiencing time’ for ‘vicarious time’, an experience that is real enough to engage with but unattainable enough to be desirable enough to watch and share.

Our authentic emotions are the liquid gold of the social economy.

We have got to be aware of who we lend our emotions, time and energy to.

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