Establishing Culture

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 You have to laugh when you realise that with all the best will in the world,  even if you slog your guts out, when you don’t communicate clearly you don’t get the results you are looking for.

A couple of weeks ago I saw this flattering yet frustrating post pop up in my Facebook feed.

Just Giving Fail.

It humbles me that Luke, a friend of mine would take the time to watch my latest TEDx talk on ‘Is giving one pound enough?’  but bemuses me that he then set up a JustGiving page!

And then just a week after that was this amazingly generous yet equally thought provoking donation that came through on Givey for @MeningitisNow via – doing well currently over 20% into their £5,000 target.

£1000 Donation...

 Givey is a social giving platform that is trying to focus on making giving a small part of our everyday lives. We have made it free for charities and individuals unlike JustGiving and others who take a percentage of our donation and take a monthly fee from the charity!

When I see people watching my talks, feeling inspired and using Givey I know we are doing the right thing!  But when I see them go elsewhere or get a Givey account but not embrace the social element and make a one off huge donation I can see we still have a lot of work to do in embedding the giving everyday giving culture in our community.

Jacqueline Muttitt is my absolute champion in the first example,  she totally gets it, and I just need to make sure she knows that Givey is ready to help support her spread that idea that it is about supporting each other in the things we care about that matters, not just piling in with an unsustainable one off donation.

When you take the emphasis off ‘How much’ and focus just on ‘Who’ people give more often and can engage without the ego complications and competitive edge that transactional amounts put into the giving equation.

Embedding culture takes time, consistency and practise! I obviously haven’t cracked it yet but am very thankful to be journeying with these guys and have a chance to embed the ‘Givey ideas and values’ further into our culture.

It will take time but if we can help make giving a normal part of our daily ritual then it will be worth all effort! 🙂

Thanks for reading and please do come back with any questions 🙂