Givey on Glass

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Givey on Glass – Sounds cool I think! 🙂

Twitter and Evernote, two awesome companies I have gotten to know here in San Francisco announced a few weeks ago how they plan to migrate their platforms into the world of Glass and then today I see that a bunch of english people are scared that Glass will ruin us and that it should be banned Unfortunately for these guys, there is no stopping the wearable tech revolution, there will be an ever increasing ‘Matrix like choice’ to be plugged in or not to our highly stimulating digital worlds and absolutely no doubt that many of us wont understand the implications of our actions and the affect it will have on our relationships 

Personally though, I am really excited as for 3 years I have been banging the drum of digital giving identity, refusing to fit in the hole of ‘fundraising website’ and at times it hasn’t been easy to help people understand why a platform agnostic, API driven play is vital to the future of Givey’s long term growth….But now glass is here, people can see the web is all around us and I am excited to start thinking what we will do first on glass, connecting us more deeply to the micro giving moments happening all around us and sharing the stories in video and photo that move us to take action as we go about our daily business!

Let me know if you have any ideas for what you think would be cool to do first on glass, I will come back soon to let you know what we do.