Real Work Begins #Solvey

I will make a video soon to show the journey so far including the massive experience of bringing OneWave to Vidcon but here I want to articulate the themes of work needed and how we can all work on this together!

But first a few frames for the work :

The Goal of Solvey is to try to help scale wise solutions using the internets capital.

The 3 key aspects to the internets capital I refer to are :

1. Intelligence 2. Financial 3. Social

All 3 are required to accelerate an ideas journey to get good, get built and get spread.

The Goal is NOT to try and raise as much money as possible especially from individuals to grow onewave into a big entity. The entity, or corporate structure should only be supported if it in turn serves the purpose of serving those who need help.

The goal is to solve the lack of effective support for those with mental health issues around the world. The scale of the One Wave work may not even be achieved from within the charities activities. Good ideas are far bigger than one ‘registered vehicle’ and to treat them as anything less limits their ability to change the world.

In the first Solvey video Louis & I said the following…

“We want to get behind them with all the stuff we are doing. We have the networks and the platforms and we know some things”

What does this actually mean?

We have identified 3 streams of work that we believe can help develop the OneWave project and take it to the next level

1.  Help develop the scientific and economic argument that underpins OneWave 

– We hope this will unlock bigger partners and other forms of capital from grant makers, foundations and government bodies.

2. Help get funds for new and risky work like new locations & activities

– Through the givey community we hope to get enough capital for One Wave to keep taking risks on their newest and most exciting work

3. Increase exposure by telling story to our friends to create new connections 

– By sharing and endorsing OneWave’s work we will create new connections completing the loop allowing this process to continue to develop and expand.

The first involves all of our intelligence, the second involves our money and the third involves our social influence. Doing the work in points 1 & 2 unlocks the stories that makes it natural for us to share according to point 3.

FullSizeRenderThis is Joel, Emily, Emma and me in our first video call to start talking about the real work!

After our call on tuesday I will try and make a full video to pull together all that has happened since we found the OneWave boys.


Last week I posted a video after some intense conversations with creators at vidcon

Someone actually enquired as to what I had said! And another kind person transcribed…

Screenshot 2015-08-08 16.54.29


Someone else then took those words and visualised them beautifully

Screenshot 2015-08-08 16.52.56

Casey Neistat has a diagram that articulates a little about creative platforms CJBtXf_UMAETcxc

It excites me that after years of thinking what might be important that the words that tumble of my head might not only be heard by some but built upon!

To me t is a privilege to be any part of the creative body.

Solvey Global?

Screenshot 2015-08-05 14.13.11

So, I am thinking about next years Solvey Project 🙂

I looked at the funnel from this years Solvey project and the long and short is that

‘What we put in the Solvey machine is what we got out!’

The good news is that our process didn’t seem to unfairly exclude people as we were narrowing down the applicants. The bad news is that it is skewed towards UK and US because that is the dominant audience we reached at the beginning through Louis’ audience. The UGLY news is NOT ONE video was submitted in another language even though less than 1 in 7 actually speak english as first or second language.

1 in 1000 of the people who viewed our call to arms actually applied from 20 different countries which I think is pretty incredible. If next year we can 10x the audience we would have 1 million viewers, 1000 applications from 100 countries around the world.

I think we can change this through involving other influencers in other audiences and languages to call out to their people to invite them to apply and using google translate and other non verbal communication methods to help 🙂 (more on this later)

So today I am looking at how we can more effectively globalise our efforts, I googled about continents and found this website

I found this interesting and inspiring (not sure if stats are true, it’s just assisting my thinking)

Planet Earth is home to 7.2 billion people and over 1.5 million different species of animals, insects, and plants spread across 7 continents. Earth was not always comprised on seven continents. 175 million years ago the 7 continents were all connected into one supercontinent surrounded by a very large ocean. This supercontinent is known as Pangaea. It slowly began to break apart into 7 different pieces and drift into the positions we find them in the present. But, the continents are not at rest. They are always moving and over time will move and drift into entirely new continents over the next several hundred million years.

So….maybe the earth will return to being one land mass yet again?

These ‘Continents’ seem fairly arbitrarily labelled and there doesn’t seem to be a consensus on their names or borders.

Next year I want to create 7 regional spotlights around the world to really focus us on globalising our efforts, but what should be important and Why 7?

I like the number 7

7 is a number of spotlights I think we can manage

7 is roughly one spotlight per billion people

It is weird when I think about how to organise and focus our efforts as I feel like we should feature and visit the antarctica because it is where a lot of the environmental effects are and it is a big land mass but with a population of less than 5,000 people should it really be thought of as on of the 7 spotlight areas?

How do we think about grouping people regionally in a natural, supportive way that will surface the quietest voices with the biggest ideas best celebrating the most natural culturally rich themes rather than playing into the empiric and capitalist themes that have dominated our recent history. It makes me think about the following questions.

Where do people speak certain languages? 

What are the adjoining landmasses? 

Where have continents been named already? 

What about splitting into 7 equal population groups? 

Would we focus with inverse correlation to wealth density? 

If we were to break down the 7 constituencies by native language then we could go to the major cities that best represent the following languages

Language1 Approx. number
of speakers
 1. Chinese2 1,197,000,000
 2. Spanish 414,000,000
 3. English 335,000,000
 4. Hindi 260,000,000
 5. Arabic3 237,000,000
 6. Portuguese 203,000,000
 7. Bengali 193,000,000

This only accounts for less than 3 billion people not even nearly half of our population and I haven’t got a clue about anything other than english, spanish and portuguese.

 That is kind of crazy to think about!! 

If we had an audience representative of continental populations our top 7 ideas would likely be

4 from Asia

1 from South or North America

1 from Europe

1 from Oceania (being generous)

How could we create a process that was truly globally inclusive and where should we put our 7 tent poles in the ground to make sure we are being as inclusive as possible? 


This Gall Peters projection has its flaws but attempts to not be affected by wealth bloating. I am looking at it to see what commonalities I can see when I look at the globe.

I guess it is true that whilst the solutions must have a holistic mindset improving our collective sustainability for environment, animals and people, it is really only us people who can innovate ourselves out of the holes we have dug.

Therefore…some kind of attempt to give all voices equal opportunity both with language and locations we focus on is the right thing so the 5,000 people in antarctica can be represented IF we can get the message to them AND if there is a spotlight in South America or Oceania that gives them some proximity.

We sure as hell aint gonna get it right but it is pretty fun to think about how to try to get the funnel a bit fairer!

One of the limitations is the best payments company I know currently delivers to 20 countries!! awesome – however these countries are sorted (as you would imagine any company to do in economic terms) so all of them are in North america, europe and australia. accounting for 2 or 3 of the top 7 we would love to highlight and support 🙁 – They are however heading in the right direction and projects like this will encourage them.

That’s it for today, so much more to do 🙂 I can’t wait.

Any thoughts on viewing this differently are very welcome at this time.

Thank you!

On The Road

I have been living in California for a few months, the last few weeks I have been on the road for work and pleasure and once again found myself in a banged out road trip van driving up the beautiful pacific highway from LA > SF

I have been enjoyed experimenting with various different forms of spoken words and yesterday I felt inspired as I drove to try a ‘stream of consciousness’ recording on my iphone. I then separately filmed the road. I have edited a couple of false starts and shorter 3 gaps that were a little long but otherwise this audio is fully unprepared, all I had in my head when I began speaking was the title.

On The Road 

Please let me know if you enjoy!