Dont just bitch….Fill the gap!

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There are many gaps in life but they don't last long.

People who are meant to do their job, don't do it and someone else who may or may not be better at it will come in and fill the void…..quickly!

There are plenty of people blowing their lids this week at how outrageous Nick Griffin is

The reality though is that Nick Griffin and the British National Party are not where the focus should be.

The focus should be on who created the gap by not doing their job? 

Some people are starting to vote for the BNP because they are different, some voters have lost their patience with the dominant parties with their lies and corruption and are asking for something different.

If Nick Griffin was exterminated as some protesters would wish for it would not solve anything as the void remains and it would be filled by someone else offering a different solution.

We need mainstream politicians who put their money where their mouth is, act with transparency and simplicity, meet their constituents where they are and lead as if they were servants rather than Kings. 

They don't need to be perfect but they do need to share their imperfections with us before we find out, which we will!

I am sure if this were the case then the topic of Nick Griffin would fade away.


There will probably be Christians in Surrey who will see this shop and
be offended.

They may talk to their friends and maybe even write a
disapproving letter to the council or shopping mall owner who allowed
this shop to open, asking if not demanding that it be shut immediately.

The reality is if this new shop proves successful it will be because they have accurately detected a gap in the spiritual market in surrey. 

The sign on the right says "Healing here today!" The shop seemed busy in the 2 minutes I observed it.

My question to those Christians who might look on disapprovingly is when was the last time you tried to actively fill the gap rather than pointing the finger at others you disagree with.

When did you last ask someone if they needed healing or offer to pray for someone on the street?

When did you create a space for the general public to meet you, access what you are about, ask questions and have a dialogue?

Are you acting with transparency and simplicity and act to serve the community you live in?

There are gaps in life if you don't fill them someone will.