Mobile micropayments are they the future?

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There is no doubt in my mind that mobile is the way forward!

The Iphone gave us a real glimpse of the future of mobile experiences, in many cases replacing the need for a laptop to be lugged around in a brief case (Thank Goodness!)

With this in mind I popped along to a small gathering at Ebay's offices in Richmond in September to join in on their Charity Hack.

Myself and a few others, set about trying to create a solution for charities to be able to take low friction micro payments from donors instantly (similar technology to the amazon 1 Click functionality) on their mobile. We had just 24 hours to complete the task!

Enter Get Giving………

A mobile APP on all major platforms that integrates with paypals new adaptive payments API to allow people to spontaneously give to any charity of their choice.

Getgiving will derive its charity list from Mission Fish's database of nearly 4000 charities. 

It is going to make it super easy to make payments to charities wherever you are for as little as 1 pound in just a few clicks.

Ok so we didn't quite finish it in the weekend but in conjunction with Paypal and MissionFish we are on track to have it alive and kicking for 2010 so watch out!

To see some more slides and other pictures from the day Click here