Getting to my edge

I have been on a very personal journey of learning about how intelligence works, what the world believes about intelligence, and the state of machine intelligence. This was my first ‘public’ conversation about it and with the magic of editing the final video looks ok :

But the truth is it was a bit embarrassing. I couldn’t formulate my points, I was struggling to use the appropriate language  and operate on the right level.

I have mixed feelings about this as one hand I feel a bit rubbish as having conversation is one of the only skills I believe I operate at a decent level on, but on the other hand it gives me great reassurance that I am ‘getting to my edge.’ The place where I am testing the new areas I am interested in and inevitably growing considerably in the process.

I like knowing that I am exercising my mind and my core skills to keep moving them forwards. I also think it is good for me to share things like this to balance the editorial control I have on so much of the work I do 🙂

What are your comfortable skills?

What are the areas you are learning about?

How could you make something that would put them to the test and accelerate your learning whilst giving you a dose of humility?

Cheers guys


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  1. Interestingly, this also shows one of the biggest differences between human intelligence and machine intelligence. Humans can think (and stumble over words, be nervous, etcetera), but computers are limited to running instructions, line by line. Computers can take in all the data they want, but as of yet don’t really seem to have a way to make sense of it yet. I think as the singularity draws nearer and nearer, science will make great leaps in both human and machine intelligence. I’m sure you have read Ray Kurzweil’s book?

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