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Sitting with Tim & Tom, musicians and friends, Tom cooks a beautiful meatballs and pasta and we discuss life and I ask for advice on where to go this year with my art.

Last year I got my head down and wrote 40 poems and didnt come up for air until the end of the year when I compiled them into an ep which I released on itunes, youtube, spotify and got translated into 5 other languages.

This year I was looking for some help to decide whether these poems were ‘just a phase’ or whether they are something I should build upon? I asked for their opinions and gulped! :


Tom says, ‘I know you as a performer who deliver words and people listen’

I say ‘I guess I do, whatever it is , I just do ‘the verbals’

Tim points out that verbals could be the words that wraps all of the different things I do

I realize from Tim & Tom that whether talks, speeches, podcasts, interviews or poems, I am all about The Verbals, communicating as clearly as I can, things that matter and I want others to bring those verbals to life with music and visuals

I also love using the Internet and its community to try things, asking them to interpret the message through their tools, Β and I really enjoyed people offering to translate my poems in 2015.

So it hits me, I have a plan this year I will try to write more poems but NOT do any visuals or music myself. I will post the audio recording as I write them, asking for people to visualise, remix, refix, record, collaborate and animate their versions.

Then, in the last few weeks of the year I will look to pull together the most special pieces into my second EP. Working title – Verbals

What incredible value trusted friends have, to listen and encourage and pull out of you your talents that are floundering πŸ™‚ in one hour I went from artistically directionless to a complete plan that feels exciting and authentic πŸ™‚ good friends Are irreplaceable

Look out for the Verbals audio on my Soundcloud

Please take a look and if you can add your flavour to the project πŸ™‚