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This is one of many emails I have received recently preceding the opening of the solvey application window… Check Raymond out he is amazing 🙂 I hope he submits a video along with a bunch of others!

*he gave me permission to share this!

Dear Dave/Louis/Solvey

My name is Raymond and I am 13 years old and from Australia. Seeing your videos when you were in Africa, made me design a generator that can supply an infinite supply of electricity to a,small village. I am currently building a prototype (working) it is 40X40X28cm and need help. I need a engineer and a electrician to inspect my work and advise me of failures in the product. I don’t like asking but, may I have $1500 so I can buy more copper wires and and supper earth magnets. Super earth magnets are not cheap and cost about $16 a pop, I need to fill a rotor with a diameter of 36cm full. I have not patent the design yet but don’t know how to, please may you help me I don’t was to start a business or make money but make the world a better place. I love inventing things but don’t want to be an inventor the rest of my life. Could you please help me lift this revelutionary idea off my shoulders so I don’t have to worry about it anymore and continue to pursue my dream to become a Lego designer.

Your sincerely Raymond

P.s the picture was taken 2/3/16
I love you <3