#1 Travel youtuber Louis Cole ( and social entrepreneur Dave Erasmus ( Friday 1st April 2016 launch Solvey (, the world’s first search for solutions from across the globe to tackle poverty and social injustice.

The duo, who have a reach of over 1 million viewers in 200 countries, are seeking video applications via their youtube channels from fresh talent from any country in the world with any idea that could help to encourage human flourishing, measured by the Social Progress Index and framed by the UN Global Goals initiative.

They fly to Ethiopia Friday 1st April to begin the first of their ‘Idea Jam Sessions’ to encourage and help develop the ideas of those who attend, before continuing to fly east round the world in 30 days to raise awareness of the project in 7 more global territories. The global tour completes in Iceland on April 28th where they will be joined by Iceland’s Prime Minister, who will press the ‘Publish’ button on Louis’ youtube channel to upload the video announcing that the application window is officially open.  Eventually closing 2 weeks later on 3pm GMT May 15th.

David Erasmus said: “We have all seen the reality shows pitching business ideas and performing pop artists but we wanted to create a show via youtube that was community based, global and worth doing, so we are looking for small voices with big ideas, compassionate problem solvers who want to change the world. We want our kids to aspire to be brave, creative leaders not be limited to being just another pop artist or money maker.”

Louis Cole said: “I have spent the last three years daily filming my life, making over 1000 videos and sharing them with people in 200 countries, I have always been passionate about following my dreams and ‘living the adventure’.  Joining with Dave to do Solvey is an exciting opportunity to connect with my youtube community in a new deeper way that really could help make a difference in the world!” 

The pair will select 7 winning ideas to put in the ‘Solvey Spotlight’, where the ideas will all receive a combination of intellectual, financial and social capital to help get the ideas to the next stage in their evolution.

Dave Erasmus Said : “We decided on 7 teams because there are 7 continents, 7 billion people and 7 is a number small enough we can dutifully care about and big enough to build a real fellowship.”

In 2015 Cole and Erasmus ran a successful pilot which received applications from 20 countries and Awarded One Wave (, an Australian team helping make a dent in our global mental health problem through taking people surfing, funds, social exposure and mentorship as well as a trip to LA to receive global exposure on stage at Vidcon, the iconic youtube convention.

Notes to editors

  • For more information please email the Solvey team on
  • Deadline for Applications : 3pm GMT 15th May
  • To apply : post application video on youtube and submit link on
  • Dave, Louis and A board of mentors will select winners who will receive any where from $1,000 – $10,000 in funding
  • Funding partner enquiries welcomed at

About Dave Erasmus

David Erasmus is a serial social entrepreneur will 3 tech and marketing company exits, selling his first online marketing company at 21 and recently passing CEOship of,  which he founded, to Neil Mehta. He is an experienced public speaker with talks for Google, UCL, Oxford University, and 4 different TEDx Talks.  He has a youtube channel where he shares his learnings and experiments And blogs at and on the Huffington Post

About Louis Cole

Louis Cole is a video maker and world traveller, with 4.5 million followers across his social platforms. He has made over 1000 daily videos on youtube  viewed over 200 million times. He is the founder of ‘’ and is currently working on plans to build a treehouse eco village.

Please email for more information


  1. I came across Louis a couple of years ago and he inspired me to do a little bit more with those crazy dreams I had, he inspired me to put then into action and I am not just talking about traveling and seeing the world I thinks that’s a plus of what I had dream of, and what I really dreamed of achieving was to travel and see people’s needs before my own and make a small change. This wasn’t easy of course I started traveling to small communities with my christian church and slowly began to become more passionate, and now long story short I am planning to move to Africa for two years with little aid from different churches to share the word of God to Muslim communities.
    Most people think I am crazy, I could be killed for what I am trying to do, but I feel the exact opposite of course I am scared I fear for my life, but at the same time I feel blessed to share God’s love to those who need him. I don’t even know why I am sharing this, I just felt like I had to. It feels me with joy people are actually doing something to change the world rather than just posting silly little parks and they are having a positive influence on a out world.
    Love from Mexico, cancun,
    1 timothy 4:12

  2. Hi Dave, great project, can’t wait to see how it progresses. What I think would be super useful is a real update on how the pilot project went. I’d be interested to see how Solvey has changed things for the One Wave project in real terms – what connections did it bring about in terms of networking for the project and the leaders in general, has it helped One Wave to achieve any of its objectives, has it helped the project to set new objectives, has there been an increase in sponsorship/revenue or any collaborations which have helped the project to raise its profile and stretch? I think if we could see how the very first dip into Solvey had impacted or begun to impact on One Wave it would give people a better feel for how Solvey can impact on their ideas and help them come to fruition or move them forward and I believe that seeing in black and white what the project can do, hearing it from the horses’s mouth so to speak from the One Wave guys, that would increase participation and interest in Solvey.

    Good luck on your travels and stay safe while doing good. I hope you meet lots of interesting people with real passion for change.

  3. I saw it on Louis’ channel yes thank you. I thought “Hey these guys move faster than I realised” then remembered you were ahead of my comment. Great minds thinking alike! I’ve shared info and links on my blog doing my but to spread the word.

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