Solvey – The Next Generation

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We are currently having a great time working with OneWave the guys who grabbed the Solvey Spotlight this year but I have to say I am very excited about many of the Solvey applicants who have continued to move forwards with their ideas and I am loving that some of them are keeping me in the loop!

Take Mac Rithvik for example, a 15 year old lad from Bangalore who is working on a way of killing bacteria through a hardware plugin to a smartphone.

When he applied to Solvey with the experiment he had done he said that he could only kill around 75% of the bacteria and this solution is only interesting if equal to hand sanitizer solution of 99.9%

 I asked him could you get it to 99.9%? He said yes

I asked ‘What would it take for you to get to 99.9%? He said a $10 part.

He sent me the link, I ordered him the part and he emailed me back!

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I cannot wait to see what he does next, I have no idea where this journey will lead but working with genius people who appreciate the help is an absolute delight when I have spent so much of my time trying to work with charities who frankly don’t want it.

Solvey is not a competition it is a community.

A community of smart risk takers who dare to put themselves and their ideas out there for the sake of others, not because they are right or because it will work but because it is good work and its fun! 🙂

I think more than business, or charity, or social enterprise I am just getting excited about helping people with good ideas and good intent take one exponential meaningful step forwards in their project.

I look forward to sharing plenty more stories like Rithvik’s with you as they take a step 🙂