The most important pound.

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On Monday I had the privilege of delivering a speech after Steve Moore CEO of the Big Society Network and before the PM David Cameron at the Launch of Nick Hurd’s Launch of the Giving White Paper.

It was the day we launched Givey – The giving identity that allows Gift Aided donations through Twitter and other social apps.

It was a landmark day for all that have been involved in the Givey journey, it was the day we switched the light on and went past go.

Following the ‘Lean start up’ mentality with blood sweat and tears along with a list as long as my arm of amazing people who have given of themselves needlessly to make this needed innovation a reality we managed to get to live day without significant external funding.

Later in the day I checked Givey’s PayPal account to see the following….

We only take 1.25% of donations so this balance represented approximately the first £80 raised through the system.

Now 92p might not seem a lot to you given that my team and I have invested 18 months thousands of pounds, leveraged every relationship we have and cried many tears, but for me it is the moment that we WON.

Turning £00000000.92 into £92,000,000.00 is simply an issue of moving the decimal place.

Now it is live, people can touch it, they believe it and my job is almost complete as there are FAR more competent people than I fit for growing this vision into all it can be – Joe Crome is the man to watch out for.

This is an amazing video from Derek Sivers Via TED

When you watch it look at the length of time between each ‘stage’ of the movements growth.


Our first stage took me and the team 18 months and it produced £1.

What is the betting that stage 2 will take less time and produce at least £2?

This was arguably the most important pound I will ever generate.