The Publicity Game

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Once you or one of your creations is released into the public domain you become very quickly aware how small of a pawn you are and how big the chessboard is.

We have been very fortunate that the press have taken kindly to us and GIVEY over the last couple of weeks.

With articles in Mashable, GoMo,The Independent on Sunday, Third Sector and Mobile Marketing all very positive we have been beaming from ear to ear.

But Interestingly right after our Mashable article we got our first small dig in the ribs from a guy called Simon Painter.

The interesting thing is that what he says is not wholly untrue so I can’t write him off as a ‘hater.’

It is obviously one sided and I have retorts however good or bad to answer his points which I won’t bore you with.

It  is simply interesting to note that this is our first public stoning and I doubt very much it will be the last.

In fact I would be gutted if it was as it would probably mean we were not doing anything interesting.

I guess the press and bloggers are always writing for impact and so are rarely incentivised to be encouraging or provide a balanced view.

In all our press so far we have benefited from VERY positive write ups so would be unreasonable to expect something different from the prosecution 🙂

I guess it is important that the team and I hear the weaknesses they may present but don’t let the negative aspect affect our progress.

In that respect I guess the same is true with good press; don’t buy into the hype and pedestal but be sensitive to the aspects of our story that the people are buying into to better focus our attention.

Note to self:  In summary; Welcome criticism and praise in equal measure but pan through the dirt for the specs of gold and leave the rest in the dust as we motor forwards! 🙂