The #Solvey Process

A couple weeks ago, I started down a road which I believe could become quite a journey, My friend Louis and I made a video on youtube, looking for the worlds most ambitious problem solving charity idea. Asking applicants to submit video applications so we can find the best idea to support and help develop.

From 15th June – 30th June 2015 the video received 32,040 views and 2,141 likes on youtube & 27,901 views and 1,491 likes on Facebook, countless comments and emails
The Total Numbers 
82 qualifying applications
We also received offers of support from an insane community of people offering data warehousing, public speaking, blogging and community troubleshooting services and partnerships to help develop the Solvey Project. We also got tweets and shares from our friends in various think tanks, tech companies, youtubers, and even old friends, it was amazing and pretty humbling.
The viewers had a window of a little over two weeks to make, upload and share their entry with us and 85 people from Bahrain, UK, South Africa, Canada, United States, France, Germany and many many more submitted videos.
Of the 85 applications : 66 were uploaded to Youtube, 17 were made on Storie, 2 on Vimeo
65 of them were shared to us on twitter 6 shared via Storie, 6 via email & 5 via youtube
These are the heroes that have stuck their neck on the line, used their creative powers and their voices to talk publicly about something they care about! Most of these outstanding humans are flipping teenagers!!!!
You are the one in 1000 that actually responded to our request, congratulations on your ability to harness your energy and get stuff done!! – You are amazing I am proud to be a tiny part of your journey. Whatever happens next, just know that you are total badasses and the world needs your unique contribution so keep going!
Here are the Applications in Chronological Order of submission. 
  1. Tw : @crisstheawesome
  2. Tw : @mark_skoog
  3. St: @brennenjensen
  4. Tw : @Haley_rose_hyde
  5. Tw : @beccyhere_98
  6. Yt : @Rithvik Mac :
  7. Em : @Qorin
  8. Tw : ap_creative
  9. Tw : @martinduncan_
  10. Tw : @kenziehenry07
  11. Tw : @Advocacyacademy
  12. St : @elliesmartt
  13. Tw : @Alisha Saif
  14. Tw : @archiveoferas
  15. Tw : @wearerasen
  16. Yt : Greenshimi
  17. Yt : @doitfilms
  18. Tw : @annabellemclark
  19. Yt @earthguardianz
  20. Yt : Opportunitytwelve Kaci Hillis
  21. Tw : @videocentral_69
  22. Tw : @toilets4people
  23.  St : @jacob_cartoon
  24. Tw : @hermansen_j
  25. Tw @one_library
  26.  Tw : @acarmount
  27. Tw : @kinnyseck
  28. TW :@chad_b_photos
  29. @li_tmevisuals
  30. Tw : @georgiaojungle
  31. Tw : @jokubelist
  32. Tw @stramzik
  33. Tw @living_izzy
  34. Tw @mahathirahmad
  35. Tw : @katiehobbs1
  36. Tw : @werallsouls
  37. Tw : @jakerich55
  38. Tw : @shikow
  39. Tw : @gojoramgo
  40. Tw : @tristanbogaard
  41. Tw : @decisioneduorg
  42. Tw : @dontjuststareuk
  43. Tw : @mtsyrr
  44. Tw: @ella_nora97
  45. 47. Tw : @satoeonizuka
  46. Em : jessicalewin
  47. Tw : @mrschmidten
  48. Tw : @megan__elliott_
  49.  Tw : @Montyscape
  50. Tw : @andrecgriffiths
  51. Tw : @izzyidx
  52. Tw : @eduactionglobal
  53. Tw : @camgreen15
  54. Tw : @the_vitality
  55.  Tw: @sshivji
  56. Tw : @onewaveorg 
  57. Tw : @hinchyyyy 
  58. Tw : @vfernando93
  59. Tw : @caitydapanda
  60. Tw: @wldflwrlvng
  61. Tw : @shantanum5
  62. Tw : @hoperheinflanke
  63. Tw: @heyheycarter
  64. Tw : @emily_dav
  65. Tw : @heather_today
  66. Tw: @AE_Forest
  67. Tw: @jaxfittribe 
  68. Tw: @du_raytbird
  69. Tw: @jxckco
  70. Tw : @malachimon
  71. St : @wellerwoman
  72. St : @amandasadler
  73. Em : iishighest
  74. Em : luke@changethefuture
  75. Em : barbora.kostelecka
  76. Tw : @homyna
  77. Tw : @hectorglez7218
  78. St : @mj
  79. Em : shika.fp
  80. Tw : @katrionaemily
  81. Tw : @taylorradick
  82. Tw : @stokecollective 
  83. Tw : @itsreallyromaan
  84. Em : sgibbins
  85. Tw : @Georginunez
Somehow I have to get these 85 applications down to just 10 by Friday!
 If you notice an application is missing please tweet it to me immediately on @daveerasmus
….@daveerasmus @funforlouis #solvey 
Top 10 applicant skype calls – Sunday 5th between 10am and 7pm PST on the hour
with Louis and or Myself.
The goal of the Skype call is to better understand some details on the entrants current progress, situation, energy, availability and the whether it is wise to thrust the them and their project forward at this time.
From these interviews the Top 5 will be circulated to the #solvey advisors for consideration and discussion to ensure a considered as possible approach given our time and resource constraints!
1 Winner contacted 7th – Flights booked, plans and personal development for 22nd – 25th July to Present alongside @funforlouis, @sprinkleofglitr and @stevebooker at the ‘Why do I give to charity’ Session at Vidcon.
Then it is time for us to all to get behind them and help them #Solvey their problem 🙂
Exciting times!!!

2 Replies to “The #Solvey Process”

  1. Fit Tribe (#67 @jaxfittribe) is an underdog. I have been relentlessly pursuing this dream. I’ll never give up. I will do whatever it takes. I will open myself up to vulnerability. I dream big. I believe we can create a better world together. I have a global, video driven plan. My heart is 100% in this. I’ve been told I exude passion in helping others. I just need help. I can’t do this alone. The Solvey Project couldn’t be more perfect for my dream. In the meantime, I’ll continue to dare greatly.

  2. When are you guys coming to New Delhi? And can people come who have not thought of any ideas for this project?

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