The Still Series

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I didn’t realise I was creating a short series but I guess I was.

I have called it the ‘Still Series’

I think I quite doing experiments and then when something connects I enjoy doing short series.

We live in a busy world, social media, consumerism, the usual.

I enjoy slowing down a little and focusing on bits that we often overlook.

These are only 1 or 2 minutes long. The whole series is less than 10 minutes and they were written, recorded, filmed and uploaded all within 24 hours of the initial idea.

They are trying to communicate clear message rather than deep metaphorical tools or fantastical language I wanted to express an appreciation for the journey and the valuable parts on the way.

They were filmed between New York, Idaho, Nevada, San Francisco & Oakland.

Most of the context and creation process to the journey can be seen in Louis’ Daily Vlogs, starting this day : with Between The Lines

This is the first poetry series I have done, if you would like to hear more then please let me know. Enjoy!