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Screenshot 2015-12-21 12.55.12I am currently working on a poem project and looking to get it poetically translated into languages but can’t do it so need help. I trust you guys to carry the essence and resonance of the poem better than google can 🙂

If you are fluent in english but have another native tongue and feel you can capture the essence of the poems in your mother tongue then please go for it. I will have to trust you as I don’t speak your language so please take care as I will use the first version I receive from each language,

When I receive translations I will add them on this blog so you know what is no longer needed, Please send translations to

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Let me introduce myself

David Andrew Erasmus

Son of Andries Stefanus David

A quarter Afrikaana  and 3 quarters from the valleys

I grew up at Jesus cross now I’m exploring silicon valley.

I grew up never feeling lost, now I’m losing it in Cali.

If you know me from a year ago you don’t know me at all,

If you view me on the internet your view of me is old.

See my digital self, is my networking wealth

It’s the dust in the tracks where my essence had health,

It’s crumbs… for hansel and gretles,

Nostalgic, like the dust when it settles.

I might be 29 but I’m not a has-been,

I’m barely getting started,

I’ve been waiting at the lights and they’ve just turned green.

If I talk about shedding my skin you might think it sounds a little shady,

But it’s natural, biological if I didn’t I’d be lazy.

See every 30 days part of our heart becomes brand new,

Why is that our mentalities are not so easily renewed.

Press ok, on your operating update,

Shut your history folder, be present and here me say’ ,

It’s nice to meet you,  tell me, what is your name?

What’s the point?

What’s the point?

Did anyone tell you?

Coz In school I heard lots but nothing big to chew through.

No one said, what this work gets made for,

what the arithmetic and algorithms should build the foundations for?

What’s the point?

I would ask my teachers frequently,

who were teaching the what without the why which made no sense to me.

I tried to sit sensibly but the science becomes boringwhen you don’t connect its spirituality

What’s the point?

This sentence Got me in to trouble,

the system ain’t designed for questions and the detentions got doubled,

branded arrogant and talkative I was inconvenient in class,

another mark upon the board every question I asked

What’s the point?

To love to care, to follow Jesus, to learn to share?

To avoid offense? To love parents, to dance in the kitchen in our underwear?

What do you want from me? What do you need?

Give me a story that I can believe?

What is the point?

I will shout and I will scream till the mountains crumble and whisper to me,

look at the flowers and see how they breathe.

The point my friend, is written in their leaves

What if? 

What if Love is the answer?

What if God is Love?

What if God is the Great Unknown?

What if the Great Unknown is bigger than we thought?

What if we know less than we thought?

What if some of what we know in science and religion is wrong?

What if being undignified, embarrassed and humiliated for love were success?

What If I am the Peadophile?

What if it is our calling to design and build society as if Love is the answer?

What if ‘good’ wasn’t enough but sacrifice and suffering are the expectation?

What if ‘We’ was more natural than ‘I’ and ‘you’

What if ‘we’ wasn’t just who we could see or who could hurt us?

What if Control is the opposite of Love?

What if hate and anger are not to be feared but subordinated to break ground for Compassion to grow?

What if our conversations are the wrong conversations?

What if Jesus’ cross was not meant to get in the way of our connection to the Father.

What if we have been waiting around for role models but they have run out?

What if we are actually lazy, risking very little when we think we are risking a lot?

What if we took the Litany of Humility Seriously?

What if we acted like we really believed that Love was the answer to any question being asked by anyone at anytime?

What if we applied that to the Military, to Economics, and Businesses, to government to our Families, to our Innovations, to our language to our art?

What if Heaven is here?

What if we are ‘missing it’ because everyone agreed we were doing ‘ so good’?

What if I am the problem?

What if I am wrong?

What if you despise me?

But what if I believed that Love is the Answer?

What if I would go down down with the Ship?

What if I would fly past, at 100 miles an hour by the power of the wind dressed only in a bed sheet with my butt naked in friends faces not because I wanted to offend but because I was born to go fast with the wind?

What if I am not doing my bit?

What if not being sure whether I am isn’t quite good enough?

What if Love is the Answer?

What if Love really is the Answer?

What if we basked in the beauty of the unknown?

What if I had integrity with what I believed?

What if I actually shared this post with you?

What if we shared in this post together?

What if we talked and joked about this post and drew doodles together?

What if those doodles became designs?

Those designs got sponsors?

Those sponsors got funding?

And  the funding got stuff built?

What if it worked and produced numbers?

And the numbers stacked up?

What if Love is the answer?


Where can I go to find your wonder?

Tell me. where can I go to get some awe?

I have a fire on my inside and it is starving for oxygen, and a leaking bucket desperate to be held.

I used to know what to do, what songs to sing what words to read, but they don’t work anymore, they limit me and they limit you. They are Christmas cards with shiny faces nothing like the real thing.

I want the real thing.

I have expanded the mind that you have given me, I have explored other cultures, tried desperately to understand the way things work, I have alienated myself from everyone, but I still need to connect to you. I have to be one with your sentience,

there is nothing that I have found in science or religion, in work or in rest that sings to my soul and resonates like an earthquake in my bones as your presence, your spirit, your love. I desire to worship with reverence and fear, with trembling and shaking at the enormity of your eternity, I want to be one speck on the body of the universe.

To merely observe you changes my state,

I want to be dumbfounded, made to feel insignificant yet meticulously known.

Who can show me this experience? Who can crash like the mighty ocean or sparkle like the burning stars? Who can blind me with a blink of light and flood the oceans with one drop from my eye?

You are love, you are here, you are my presence, you are yesterday today and tomorrow you are omnieverything. Space and time are your origami, you fold them as you like into beautiful shapes just for us so that we can recognize their beauty and potential.

Your grace is enough.

Your love bowls me over like a strike in an alley

Why would I settle for anything less?

I will find new ways to worship,

To connect, kneel down and to be Ernest

To be put in my place, to feel safe in the furnace

You are the presence, the peace and the purpose.

The Affect

So once more I stand and I ask you to see,

What’s in your hands, who can it free?

Take your feelings and cloth them in action

Bottle your tears & observe your reaction

We don’t need great acts from above but simple steps, done in great love, clothed in the silk of the still great unknown, we act, it echoes, how far we don’t know, but echo it does and mountains will move. butterflies flap by, we say ‘isn’t that cute’.

But What if our voices are like butterflies wings, they magnify and tear down the strongest of things. What if the further away our voice goes it doesn’t become silent but rumbles and grows. Even if inaudible to our human range, what if dogs go crazy as they hear their name?

I couldn’t care less where you are from, or whether you know the words to the song

‘But do you withhold good to whom it’s due, when it’s well within your power to do?’

On this enquires your souls honest truth,

If you do it then I’ll be right there with you.


Thanks guys, please also submit your preferred online tag so I can credit you in the work.