What if?

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What if Love is the answer?

What if God is Love?

What if God is the Great Unknown?

What if the Great Unknown is bigger than we thought?

What if we know less than we thought?

What if some of what we know in science and religion is wrong?

What if being undignified, embarrassed and humiliated for love were success?

What If I am the Peadophile?

What if it is our calling to design and build society as if Love is the answer?

What if ‘good’ wasn’t enough but sacrifice and suffering are the expectation?

What if ‘We’ was more natural than ‘I’ and ‘you’

What if ‘we’ wasn’t just who we could see or who could hurt us?

What if Control is the opposite of Love?

What if hate and anger are not to be feared but subordinated to break ground for Compassion to grow?

What if our conversations are the wrong conversations?

What if Jesus’ cross was not meant to get in the way of our connection to the Father.

What if we have been waiting around for role models but they have run out?

What if we are actually lazy, risking very little when we think we are risking a lot?

What if we took the Litany of Humility Seriously?

What if we acted like we really believed that Love was the answer to any question being asked by anyone at anytime?

What if we applied that to the Military, to Economics, to Businesses, to government to our Families, to our Innovations, to our language to our art?

What if Heaven is here?

What if we are ‘missing it’ because everyone agreed we were doing ‘good’?

What if I am the problem?

What if I am wrong?

What if you despise me?

But what if I believed Love is the Answer?

What if I would go down down with the Ship?

What if I would fly past at 100 miles an hour by the power of the wind dressed only in a bed sheet with my butt naked in friends faces not because I wanted to offend but because I was born to go fast with the wind?

What if I am not doing my bit?

What if not being sure whether I am isn’t quite good enough?

What if Love is the Answer?

What if Love really is the Answer?

What if we basked in the beauty of the unknown?

What if I had integrity with what I believed?

What if I actually shared this post with you?

What if we shared in this post together?

What if we talked and joked about this post and drew doodles together?

What if those doodles became designs?

What if those designs got sponsors?

What if those sponsors got funding?

What if the funding got stuff built?

What if it worked and produced numbers?

What if the numbers stacked up?

What if Love is the Answer?