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This blew me away!

It is like no-one told this guy the rules of playing the guitar.

He has just looked at it and in a caveman type way just thought ‘how can I get sound (value) out of this thing.’

Looking holistically at the instrument he has created something beautiful that others confined by the convention or prior art would not have seen or been able to create.

He would have looked like an IDIOT when experimenting and practising! HAHA, but now he is an inspiring badass!

The world is changing FAST. Mobile, Social and Local are the dominant change agents and so many brands I work with are struggling to engage and monetise new and existing customers even though they still have strong brands.

I believe the key to change management is looking more holistically and objectively at the business assets and unlearning the platforms and tools and strategies that have been implemented until now.

This means getting back to basics, putting the relationship of the consumer and the brand in the centre and then TOTALLY rethinking the touch points used to engage and then monetise that customer.

If your brand doesn’t manage to decouple itself from the platform it is used to being delivered on then I fear for its survival over the next 5 years.

Some clean chirpy startup will probably come in and eat your lunch!

Thanks @DHS for showing me the music.