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I have had the pleasure over the last year to work with @AnnaCaffell a passionate emerging leader in international development.

Her integrity and dedication has encouraged and inspired me and she has advised us in our  understanding of the inner workings of the UK political system.

Myself, Anna and the @CubateMobile team are proud to share the first stage of our “Mobile for Development” Research Paper.

I am currently in Johannesburg about to speak at and will be asking them the same question I am you now…..

If you have an understanding of developing economies please read the paper and feedback to me on era (at) before we reconviene to draw our conclusions from the research.

I hope you enjoy it đŸ™‚

Mobiles for Development – Research

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  1. I know its random to comment on like a 3 year old article! But I read your article a little while back while researching how mobile apps, such as mpesa etc, (as I do work in the education sector, specifically in East Africa) is pushing forward development in Africa, and only just connected givey you with youtube you and realised there the same person! As I watch your videos as well.

    I’d of loved to talk with you more about how mobiles, e-learning will shape the future and also things like youtube now, which have specialised learning channels and have such a huge influence, but realise your a busy person with youtube, givey etc! So I hope you can at least see this comment and know that someone very much enjoyed your paper!



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