E Ink Everywhere?

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First off Props to the Magento Man, Alan Cole for talking me through this stuff and having a bit of fun dreaming with me about what might be in a few years time.

Whilst my Kindle seems partially ridiculous like I have traded my iPhone in for a Nokia 3210 it also has the beginnings of extraordinary technology in it, E Ink.
E Ink is a bit like an Etch-a-Sketch, once you make the image it takes no energy to leave it on the screen, exponentially increasing the life span of device battery life making greenys happy.

Follow me on this journey, the end is fun………………

So next will come crap colour and crap motion Eink

Then brilliant full colour, full video Eink

Then it should  get thinner and more flexible.

Then the value of it will fall to almost nothing so we can use it everywhere.

If you then mix that with cloud computing where our “digital selves” is all in one place with a Near Field chip or a Finger print swipe access we can do some crazy stuff making our digital experiences truly ubiquitous.

I am not sure the following will happen but will be fun if it can.

Imagine putting some clear E paper film over your mirror and skyping someone whilst brushing your teeth.

Or lining all your walls with it and whenever you feel like it changing the style and colour of your wallpaper and then watching a film on the whole wall.

How about every restaurant table top being your menu, Facebook, live kitchen video feed and doodle kit all in one.

Let’s see what happens.