The Sweet Spot of Excitement

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It seems to me that the optimum level of intensity for our lives rests in the balance of fear and boredom.

This sweet spot moves towards the Fear end the more you do stuff.

I have observed the noob sales guys on the phones quivering, praying they don’t get a guy that knows his stuff or tells them where to go.   I have also seen my top sales guys hoping and praying to get those guys on the phone as they are the exciting ones.

What was the difference between the sales guys?

Its pretty obvious it’s confidence, competence, experience etc.

It is interesting how in different scenarios your threshold for excitement can be higher or lower than other scenarios.

Example : I can speak to a potential client about a 000,000 deal on Search or mobile with ease, but if you try and get me to sell a product that I don’t have experience in like a simple £1,500 wordpress template design my knees quiver.

It is my observation that for optimum working enjoyment and excitement you must ensure you are always accepting jobs that are 10% above your experience or comfort zone. This way you always move forwards, stay excited and increase your value towards becoming an expert.