E Ink Everywhere?

First off Props to the Magento Man, Alan Cole for talking me through this stuff and having a bit of fun dreaming with me about what might be in a few years time.

Whilst my Kindle seems partially ridiculous like I have traded my iPhone in for a Nokia 3210 it also has the beginnings of extraordinary technology in it, E Ink.
E Ink is a bit like an Etch-a-Sketch, once you make the image it takes no energy to leave it on the screen, exponentially increasing the life span of device battery life making greenys happy.

Follow me on this journey, the end is fun………………

So next will come crap colour and crap motion Eink

Then brilliant full colour, full video Eink

Then it should  get thinner and more flexible.

Then the value of it will fall to almost nothing so we can use it everywhere.

If you then mix that with cloud computing where our “digital selves” is all in one place with a Near Field chip or a Finger print swipe access we can do some crazy stuff making our digital experiences truly ubiquitous.

I am not sure the following will happen but will be fun if it can.

Imagine putting some clear E paper film over your mirror and skyping someone whilst brushing your teeth.

Or lining all your walls with it and whenever you feel like it changing the style and colour of your wallpaper and then watching a film on the whole wall.

How about every restaurant table top being your menu, Facebook, live kitchen video feed and doodle kit all in one.

Let’s see what happens.

Mobile Only

There are many businesses that still do not have a website, or are not currently trading through it .

This happens predominantly where the PC penetration is low like Africa, or where there is a high level of physical presence needed like a wedding dress fitting shop.  Also some businesses feel they  are too small and feel that a web provision would not make sense for them like ice cream vans and street sellers.

The advance of the “on the go” mobile users will help plug some of these gaps and we will see some businesses only web expression being in the mobile space.

They will primarily be interested in helping users who are out and about getting the web to view and purchase their products and services.

It will be heavily dependent on timing, emotional responses and advertising messages as the mobile platform lends itself well to the impulse buy.

Example:  At the pub, fancy a dirty kebab, my local is called Ali’s. Don’t have any cash and don’t like queuing. Hit his mobile site from your iPhone and click large doner and can – £4.75, pay via paypal. The order arrives instantly to his mobile phone via SMS alert and 10 minutes later you arrive, Hey presto.

The only problem I can foresee is me buying more more kebabs than I should and getting the meat sweats!

Mobile Web – A shops best friend.

The internet has severely affected the bricks and mortar shop industry over the last 5 years.

The Mobile web revolution on the other hand is set to change all that.

The difference with a mobile web user is that they are on the go in the “real world” but still wanting to take action!

The Mobile Web is the perfect accomplice to analogue, print or bricks and mortar businesses. Because it is an interactive platform and infrastructure independent it can compliment an existing business better than the large screen web ever could.

Through the use of image recognition, Geo Location, Audio recognition, QR codes, Barcode Readers and the rest we will see an awful lot more augmented experiences between old the old and mobile.

Example in case you are confused : Christmas shopping in Topman – The queue is so long it finishes in Macdonalds across the street.Why not scan the barcode of item you like and buy it through their mobile web site. 1 click like amazon. For the user there is no queue, no stress, but all the satisfaction of real shopping, For Topman, less basket abandonment,  lower costs, higher customer satisfaction.

Expect to see a rapid increase in mobile web provision that helps you interact with your surroundings and make easier purchases.

PS. Topman – I can sort this for you if you want.

African Mobile Business

I am convinced that very soon we will see whole businesses will be managed purely on mobile devices.

Everything from Inventory management, time logging, content updates, CRM, customer service and payment processing.

This is likely to be most interesting in Africa where traditional infrastructure (cabled internet and phones) is non existent but 3G networks are extremely advanced.I was in Kenya on safari with not a building in sight and had FULL signal and 3G. I cant even flipping get that in Surrey!

There are some interesting players already in the space doing good work Toughstuffonline.org and frogtek.org to name a couple that are providing solutions to allow rural Africa to interface with the wider community in a low cost sustainable manner.

I suggest Android will be the platform due to its more open app framework (Java Based) and easy submission process.  Also within a couple of years we will see some very low cost smart phones due to age and cheaper spec models but still very powerful compared to what we are used to at the low end of the current market.

This will change everything for the rural business person, they will be able to directly communicate with anyone, anywhere, anytime in a meaningful and efficient way.

Very exciting.