African Mobile Business

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I am convinced that very soon we will see whole businesses will be managed purely on mobile devices.

Everything from Inventory management, time logging, content updates, CRM, customer service and payment processing.

This is likely to be most interesting in Africa where traditional infrastructure (cabled internet and phones) is non existent but 3G networks are extremely advanced.I was in Kenya on safari with not a building in sight and had FULL signal and 3G. I cant even flipping get that in Surrey!

There are some interesting players already in the space doing good work and to name a couple that are providing solutions to allow rural Africa to interface with the wider community in a low cost sustainable manner.

I suggest Android will be the platform due to its more open app framework (Java Based) and easy submission process.  Also within a couple of years we will see some very low cost smart phones due to age and cheaper spec models but still very powerful compared to what we are used to at the low end of the current market.

This will change everything for the rural business person, they will be able to directly communicate with anyone, anywhere, anytime in a meaningful and efficient way.

Very exciting.