The power of Social Association.

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I was walking to a meeting in Pimlico the other day and I saw this.

No selling points of “We are the best / cheapest / fastest plumbers in London just a Social Association with the Prince’s trust.

We are a lot more concerned than ever before about how nice a company is. These guys are harnessing the power of Social Association and it is something that will only increase, trying to make businesses look less greedy! is a business I am involved in creating at the moment to give young people involved in tough backgrounds a chance to set up their own community based businesses.

With this business we have attached the Mustard Partner element where we team up with established businesses in the area to deliver projects that require more specialized skill.

The key is it is a mutually beneficial relationship between Mustard and the partners.

Mustard provides sales leads and “social association” to the partner and the partner helps mustard provide a service they would otherwise have to turn down sales leads for.

Win Win – Its the best way.