Free Lunch anyone?

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FreeLunchThere are so many free lunches offered!

Often by well meaning people trying to give someone a hand up but accidentally through their over keen desire to help giving them a hand out instead.

I am sure you have seen it, a youngster gets a dream opportunity handed to him on a plate and doesn’t bother turning up on his first day and it drives you potty trying to understand how that could happen!

In my experience the best relationships exist when both parties bring something to the table, both parties hurt and both parties benefit from the success of the relationship.

Anything else is charity and charity is definitely an overused and often ineffective vessel for change

Every Lunch you go to you pay a high price for even if it is free financially it still has a high “Opportunity cost.” Who else could you have been at lunch with? Where else could you have been.

Don’t make it too easy for people, they need to buy in, if they don’t then you have no idea what they will be like when it matters!