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I spent 8 hours today watching youtube videos for the #Solvey project,

Amazing stories and ambitions, totally inspiring humans, and now my brain Is fried for the night! I came home and started getting changed to go out and listen to some live music, but started getting into dancing to my iPhone in the mirror, and had way too much fun, It got….prettttty weird.

I watched this guy yesterday on youtube, I don’t agree that ‘it’s important not to give a shit’ But it is vital to only give a shit about what is true and valuable to you and not to give a shit about everything else otherwise you don’t get time to care about what is important. Its called opportunity cost.

This weekend I was trying hard to learn west coast swing,  sitting in the dance club looking in the mirror with my friend Robin I suddenly realised that my shoulders are pretty damn wide, and I thought, ‘well if they are a defining feature of me, I better figure out how to start using them’ so tonight I started shoulder dancing in the mirror. Then it got weirder coz I noticed the reflection bit at the bottom of the mirror and I started eye dancing for a bit, then I got the camera – hahahaha!

I love that this song is called forgiveness, a concept I consider to be heavy,  yet they make the track light and upbeat, it is by made in heights, its awesome!

I guess the thread here between the random guy not giving a shit, my shoulders and forgiveness is that I have given up ‘trying to be someone’ and I am giving myself permission to try to make whatever is natural to me ,even if it doesn’t look like how it was ‘meant’ to.  I guess it a way, forgiving myself for being someone different to who I expected I would be.

If you find yourself in a weird mood, try the face dancing, its kind of fun – hhahaha, Enjoy!