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The TOP10 #Solvey ShortList

Whoop whoop! The day is here! I slept good and now watching all the 25 videos for those awesome peeps that made the #TOP25 Longlist.

I am gonna spend a couple of minutes looking at my decisions from yesterday so I can go back after and see which kinds of idea were filtered out through the process so we can make sure it is a stronger system next time!

In 85 > 25 process my natural thoughts were along these lines…..

Do they seem open to learn?

Do they understand their problem?

Do I understand their problem?

Is it truly a big causality problem?

Are there obvious steps to build momentum?

Could our help specifically help scale this quickly?

Do they understand the tools of the day?

Can we help them?

Would it be wise to help them now?

Do I intuitively like them?

If the answer was mainly yes then I think I put them in the long list which when I counted it up happened to be 25 projects exactly.

The #Longlist was made up of 14 Guys and 11 Girls, 12 were over 18 years old and 13 were under 18 years old and we had 10 nations represented as follows.


And 12 themes of interest were carried through as well.


I naturally had 9 applications that were obvious for the #TOP10 but then I went back to see if there was a voice I had missed and found the extra one. Again, a MASSIVE congrats to everyone for getting this far, you are brave, articulate, caring people, putting yourself out there and already affecting your worlds, so thank you for doing what you do! – I hope to meet you one day!

Please remember we have picked the people and ideas that we think have dared most greatly, to reach beyond their circumstance, done some hard work already and that we think we can really help! NOT just the one with the coolest brand or, following or that is most obviously emotionally appealing!

So the #TOP10 are as follows!!!!!

@amandasadler HOMES

@tristanbogaard ENVIRONMENT


@Alisha Saif CULTURE

@onewaveorg  MENTAL HEALTH 

Let’s Change The World! from OneWave on Vimeo.

@malachimon ENVIRONMENT

@mtsyrr  ENVIRONMENT  

@stokecollective HOMES

@earthguardianz CLIMATE CHANGE

Kid Warrior: The Xiuhtezcatl Martinez Story from BLKFLM on Vimeo.

@acarmount AGRICULTURE 

PLEASE EMAIL ME on with the time you can skype tomorrow between 10am and 7pm PST – Each skype will last 30 minutes and I will be videoing them, just so you know! If you ain’t cool with that then fair enough but this probably ain’t for you right now. Please also send me your twitter and other social media handles! – Cheers


My skype is daveerasmus1 (please don’t try to add me if you are not on the list, I wont be able to get the work done!’ 🙂

My personal Initial Feedback for the 15 #longlist peeps who didn’t makes the TOP10 #shortlist

NOTE : Please email me on if you want further feedback and I will try my best to help. Also if you don’t want my critique of you remaining public please email me and I will remove it but I felt it would be helpful for others to see and learn from. Thanks 🙂

Emily speaks clearly and confidently, takes practical action, In a way, she is the voice of Solvey I hope this isn’t the last #solvey sees of Emily  :

First video Sian ever made! unbelievable creative skills and management consultant skills essentially pulling the theories out from what me and Louis are bumbling along doing – I hope sian might make another video for whoever the winner is?

Great example of an actual solution that is actionable but possibly doesn’t create systemic change but very caring which is a beautiful thing : 

Great example of massive thinking, but very theoretical and I would prefer to see you have taken some action. Maybe you shouldn’t maybe should be a writer / thinker? it might be constraining to have to build, it seems with your delivery style you enjoy to converse on these issues maybe you are the next einstein not bill gates? just a thought.

Awesome people but we want to help something that creates impact directly rather than another platform, I would work hard on drawing up what the tech will actually look like, who is going to build it and how much you think it will cost to get a Minimum viable product out (MVP) I also recommend you read this before building any tech

Great idea,  wanting to build pipe to take melting water from caps to ‘save the west’ well meaning but seems a little US centric rather than global focused. If climate is the story,then it seems we must focus on how to turn the taps off by stopping the caps melting.  – I would need to be convinced this is the causal problem in the climate change conversation and currently not enough info! – Fascinating idea though – Congrats.

Great ideas and story telling abilities, bit too long on personal story in my opinion Love the different themes and great video. Would just like to see a bit more focus on ‘so this is what I have done to test it’ i would recommend you prototype the model for real and spend more time showing the craft maker and consumer.

This is great fun love the simple concept, just not sure on the exact problem it solves or how hard it would be to make it real, there are many questions un addressed so more work needed but I would love to see it work as beautifully simple!  maybe you could build a prototype or find some stats on water wastage / cost of bad teeth to a person and society, tie in bigger cost benefit themes to establish argument

Good project, just needs more work, I know how hard technology is. Also might be worth showing how you have done this offline and then now using technology to help it scale, this would help prove to me that it meets a need! great idea though. Also read steve blanks paper before writing any code  – it will save you a lot of time.

I think we can only help project leaders at the moment  maybe next year we will have more resources

Katie, a fantastic ambitious idea, I love it the idea of incorporating VR into the experience is awesome!  Is there a way you could do a cheap experiment with to try and progress the idea along a bit to root it in (virtual) reality a little more? It feels so big at the moment it would be tough to know where to begin.

Amazing young leadership, energy and compassion! Our youngest applicants – So inspired by them  The work is inspiring and will change the lives of these young orphans but I don’t feel it would be the best project for us to use our global reach and technology connections as you girls are nailing it! – I would encourage you to measure what is working and talk about how it is working and share that learning with other similar projects if you want to have a wider impact.

Jacob, Interesting idea  – I like sentences that start What if?  But I would like to see you go a step further in learning what would happen if you did do it? – Is anyone already doing it? how many nets are out there in the sea? – Google is your friend – it will help you more than I can right now – Cheers

Toilets4people love the sanitation topic but not totally clear on who the leader is, and at this stage I need to know what you are going to do with the technology and for who and what it will cost? maybe next year it could be a great fit!

Beckys idea to nail supermarkets on the wasted food Is a good one stuff is happening in france and germany  I love your simple articulation of the problem and solution, and your passion, well done on your conciseness, many could learn from you. I feel that it is more of an activism item which could work on or something similar, I think Louis and my skills and network like can more easily focus on supporting creators to make and build the world we want to live in rather than focusing immediately on activism. I hope as you say you stay involved as #solvey progresses and keep us posted as you develop your idea and learn more about what the best action might be.

 General Observations : 

  • Topics like Mental Health and Education are so vast that unless there is some kind of solution being offered I feel like we can’t help
  • I want to work with the actual entrepreneur leading their project so ideas where other people applied were seen less favourably.
  • People that spend too long on their own personal story compared to others made me feel they care about being known more than solving their problem.
  • I have felt like 5 minutes is probably the optimum length with roughly a minute on : Personal Story, Problem, Solution, Progress, Next step.

Due to the amazing response we have had all from our little idea to find a big idea I want to keep everyone in the loop on progress. It is also motivating me to open up so that we can help people who want to solve big problems but are not necessarily a registered charity globally! 🙂

A LOT is happening so please go to and give us your email address and can keep you in the loop. We won’t spam you, only mail you when its important and never more than once a week!

So go to and sign up now! I would love you to be a part of the #solvey network